[Chart] Inkigayo 2010/02/14

February 17, 2010

I apologize for posting this just now. School and life have been hard lately. I’ll try my best to still post Music Bank, Inkigayo and the online charts but I’m not promising.

Going back to the show, SNSD won their first mutizen last Sunday for the song “Oh!”. I’m not 100% sure though that they’ll win again. I mean yes, they have been dominating Hanteo and yesasia but Inkigayo doesn’t really rely that much on album sales. Also, 2am has been giving SNSD a competition in online charts. Mnet and cyworld have been on the 2am craze and these are two of the most influential online charts.

SeeYa, Davichi, & T-ara – Wonder Woman
Kim Jong Kook – This Person
C.N.Blue – I’m the Loner
SNSD – Oh!
Gavy NJ – Sunflower
ZE:A – Mazeltov
2am – Can’t Let You Go, Even Ef I Die

HyunA’s “Change” got pushed out by Mazeltov.




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