[Chart] Music Bank 2010/02/12

February 17, 2010

SNSD once again in Music Bank last Feb 12. This is their 2nd win for “Oh”. Fans are cheering for 10 wins to beat the “Gee”. Well, I don’t see that happening. With Kara, 2NE1, and Big Bang’s lollipop part 2 just around the corner, it will be hard for SNSD. I just think that “Oh!” lacks too much of the spunk and catchiness of “Gee”. Oh, well. I just hope that fans would stop over-rating “Oh!”.

Anyway, congrats to SNSD still. I think they will win on Friday again. Let’s see. Also, congrats to U-Kiss for getting “Without You” on the chart. Still have the song on repeat.
01 SNSD – Oh!
02 2am – Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die
03 C.N.Blue – I’m a Loner
04 Kim Jong Kook – This is the Person
05 SeeYa, Davichi, & T-ara – Wonder Women
06 4men – I Can’t
07 Im Jae Beom – Stigma
08 HyunA – Change
09 Gain & Jo Kwon – We Fell In Love
10 SNSD – Star Star Star
11 T-ara – Like the Beginning
12 Lee Seung Gi – Love Taught Me to Drink
13 U-Kiss – Without You
14 2am – I’m Sorry, I Can’t Laugh For You
15 T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep
16 Min Kyung Hoon – It Hurts Because Its Love
17 Gavy NJ – Sunflower
18 After School – Because of You
19 Kim Jong Kook – Don’t Be Good to Me
20 Younha – Broke Up Today





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