Sunmi’s Final Bow

February 23, 2010

Partings are never easy but it’s something that all of us will eventually face. Sunmi’s departure may not have ended Wonder Girls but it indeed, whether fans will admit it or not, change what Wonder Girls is now. This isn’t the first time that the group faced a departure but the last time it happened, the girls just debut. The audience doesn’t yet have that strong of a connection to the Wonder Girls we know now.

I was mad at Sunmi at first when I heard the news. But I soon realized that this move may not be that bad. It is still their life and they should live it the way they want to. We do have just one life to live and I’m glad that she took hold of her life.

A few days ago, I read this blog connecting Spice Girls to the Wonder Girls. And how Geri’s departure caused Spice Girls to fall, might be the same to Sunmi leaving. To be honest, that’s very likely to happen. Fans will come and go as they please.

Anyway, Sunmi gave her last performance last Sunday. There wasn’t anything special with the performances. They performed like Sunmi won’t be leaving after. Which I liked. They didn’t made the situation worse than it already was. Here’s some clips from the official youtube account.

I like how the fans are reacting to this. I mean WonderFuls are not really as hardcore as SONEs, ELFs, and the rest of them. I remember how much hate was given to the SeeYa member who left the group for selfish reason. Netizens were at her throat.

Found this pic in wonderfulsworld.com. Sunmi is still really is loved.

I’m a fan of the Wonder Girls and I’m very proud that she’s taking charge of her future. We all know that not all idols will be artists on their own. Some of them will fade away as they grow old.

Sunmi jjang! Fighting!

Matt’s flickr


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