Am I now a Kamilia?

February 28, 2010

I’m not really a fan of SNSD and Kara because of their gender-bias songs. I think I made that very obvious with my posts. But I think I’m starting to be a fan of Kara. I am so liking “Lupin”. I mean these are the songs that’s my style. I already have this on repeat actually.

I fell in love with the Wonder Girls because of “So Hot”, with 2NE1 because of “Fire”, with T-ara because of “TTL Listen 2”, with After School because of “Because of You” and I think “Lupin” will make me like Kara. It’s such a nice song.

But I’m not sure if this song will be such a hit like I want it to be. Korea and I haven’t really been in sync when it comes to music. But I’m still hoping that Korea will wake up and start supporting music that are worth supporting. Sometimes, our idols do release crap music and we shouldn’t be supporting those music. It’s just a slap in the face to the songs that are created in perfection.

Anyway, here’s the best performance of “Lupin” so far.




One comment

  1. i love this song.

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