Park Jaebeom says goodbye for good

February 28, 2010

I’m actually surprise with this news. For months now, JYPE and 2pm have used the concept of 2pm as 7 to market themselves back to the music scene after the Jaebeom Controversy. I’m one of those fans that was hoping that all 7 of them can perform again together but also doubtful if it will happen.

According to allkpop, Hottest all over the globe are outrage by this news. Some even go so far that they even became antifans of the remaining members. Though I know it’s a ridiculous thing to do, I actually understand them. These fans were hurt so badly that the only way they can relieve themselves of the pain is to express it out to someone. And unfortunately to 2pm, JYP, and his company, they were the someone.

Jaebeom is the heart of 2pm. Whatever anyone say, Jaebeom put 2pm in the map. WIthout him, 2pm might not even be half of where they are now. I know it sounds very delusional but look back on 2pm and remember how they were before “Again & Again”. How did you know any of them?

I am very disappointed on how JYPE is handling the situation. If this goes on, I don’t know if 2pm have enough gas to keep them in the business as a group. This is really a big news. Even bigger than Jaebeom being forced out. I’m also very disappointed on how the members are treating the public. Jaebeom is an integral part of 2pm for the fans. They should have known better than to act like it’s no big deal.

I’m now interested on how well 2pm will do on their comeback this April. If they come out with an amazing song, they might pull an SNSD. Remember how SNSD was hated until they came back with “Gee”. Let’s just see.


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