[Chart] Cyworld Song of the Month: 2010 February

March 2, 2010

2am is finally getting the respect they truly deserve. The group grab the title of Cyworld Song of the Month for the Month of February. This recognition is actually long overdue. Talent is much better than looks in the long run. What’s nice also is that they have 3 entries in this chart. This is a big deal because it is Cyworld.

01 2am – Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die
02 4men – I Can’t
03 Untouchable feat Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls – Live in the Heart
04 SNSD – Oh
05 Kiroy Y (양정승) feat KCM & Nonoo – The Stars of The Night..
06 C.N.Blue – I’m a Loner
07 T-ara’s Jiyeon – In Addition
08 2am – I’m Sorry I can’t Smile For You
09 Lee Seung Gi feat. Baek Chan of 8eight – Love Taught Me to Drink
10 Min Kyung Hoon – It Hurts Because It’s Love
11 2NE1 – Try to Copy Me
12 Gavy NJ – Sunflower
13 After School’s Jung Ah – 귀여운 넌
14 Kim Jong Kook – This is the Person
15 T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You
16 2am – I Love You
17 4men – Baby Baby
18 Jason Mraz – Geek in the Pink
19 Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo & Lisa – May we Get Married?
20 SNSD – Star Star Star




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