SNSD fans over-purchase for SNSD?

March 18, 2010

As I was writing this week’s Online Charts, I’ve noticed something incredibly bizarre. SNSD’s “Oh!” album declined in the charts surprisingly fast. I only can assume one thing. SNSD fans are buying albums again and again to keep SNSD in the running in Music Bank. Album sales are relied heavily in the said show. Also, SNSD will be releasing their new song in a few days. So they might be saving up.

Here are print screens of some of Hanteo’s charts as proof of my claim.

If you’ll look back on my online charts posts, SNSD didn’t really dominate that much. 2am did. SNSD won for like two weeks only, and the after 2am got back and dominated everything. The reason “Oh!” won that much in Music Bank is because of album sales.

I’m not familiar with the fans’ dealings with their idols’ album. For all I know every single fan club does this but it’s just sad that they would waste that much money. I’m not from a rich family and I know how much a dollar costs. I mean literally. Sweat, blood, and tears. But then again, it is their money and who am I to say how they’ll use it.

So I guess Music Bank should again rethink how they’ll determine the top song of the week. In their current system, whoever gets the most album sold in the week, gets the win which is so unfair to those singers whose fans cannot compete with fans of idols like SNSD.

My stand, online charts determine the popularity of the song. Gone are the days where the physical album says who’s the most popular. In the US, no one actually buys in stores anymore. All can be bought in Itunes.




  1. I don’t agree with you…
    basically I think why snsd drop in online chart, it’s because everyone have already get their copies, so no need to listen it online.
    At least for me,
    I never listen a song online when I have the copies already.

    • No, it doesn’t work like that. In charts, there is a trend. Graph-wise it follows a pattern. If you’re studying economics, it just doesn’t go down that fast. The only reason I can think of, basing on what I’m learning in college, everyone stopped buying the album.

      You can think it like the Jaebeom “Nothing on You” youtube view. If you’ll see the view graph. The rate slows down, not drop abruptly.

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