Filipino DJ angers U-Kiss fans

April 3, 2010

A Filipino DJ, Mo Twister, insulted U-Kiss by stating through his twitter the following message:

im sorry all you k-pop fans but you cant tell me thats a heterosexual man. you just cant.

i stand corrected, these k-pop guys dont look gay, they look like lesbians.


Fans everywhere demanded an apology to the DJ. Even going as far as creating a fan page.

I actually find it ridiculous for fans to be reacting this way. I mean so much for freedom of speech. Anybody who’s anybody can say whatever they want. I can say Korea sucks but that doesn’t make Korea sucks. The world is a cruel place and there would be people like this guy wherever we may go. It’s just up to us if we’re gonna let him get to us. Besides, seems like no one actually takes the guy seriously.





  1. But still, that was really kinda harsh of him don’t you think so?

  2. Well…he does it all the time** (criticizing people whom he doesn’t like)

  3. I don’t know much about U-Kiss but read several articles about some conflicts between DJ Mo and U-Kiss fans. From the neutral point of view, I understand the DJ had a freedom of speech. At the same time, however, that doesn’t really mean that anything can be spoken out. The DJ Mo’s twitter messages should’ve been kept within his close friends, siblings, and parents. The reason being is we respect the freedom of speech but at the same time, we also need to respect U-Kiss. That being said, I didn’t think DJ Mo’s remarks to the entire public, including U-Kiss, were appropriate basically because he mentioned U-Kiss’ sexual orientation (gays, lesbians, etc). If the DJ says “U-Kiss doesn’t have vocal skills”, then it could be a comment which makes sense as a well-known DJ in his country. He has his own right to judge artists’ capabilities. The real problem, however, is the fact that he mentioned thier sexual orientation by using the words, such as gay and lesbians. That wasn’t appropriate. I don’t think he will apologize because releasing his apologies to the public means he is admiting his wrongdoing, so I think he will be persistent by saying their fans are too sensitive to his remarks and he will keep saying the freedom of speech. Overall, I thought his remarks weren’t professional. Also, his remark assoicated with 12-year old girls was even more unprofessional. What is wrong with 12-year old innocent girls? To become a very unique DJ, you have to say something very unique. I think DJ Mo knew this and achieved what he wanted. His fame will go up because everyone will be talking about him for some time. DJs always need public attentions, and he is achieving what he actually wants. Poor U-Kiss.. you guys are being used by the DJ but you seem to have a strong fan base. I am very impressed. I wonder why DJ Mo doesn’t talk about bad things about Super Junior. Maybe he is planning it several months later when he feels he needs more attentions from the public. I don’t know.. Folks, let’s leave things behind and move on.

  4. mo twister destroyed our country’s name,he doesn’t even know U-Kiss that much…why the hell did he say that they are lesbians and gay??!!.i was a proud Filipino but now I am ashamed that he is one of us.now many foreigners hates us Filipino people,thanks to dj mo

  5. this guy is too much… yeah, everybody is allowed to say whatever they want at the right time as long as they won’t affect anyone else… he doesn’t even know u-kiss personally, does he? he’s a complete shame… he could be sued you know… if i were u-kiss, i would sue him… he’s lucky u-kiss is too educated and civilized to understand people like him… he’s a shame to us filipinos. This would bring about a very bad impression towards us filipino people. I’m so frustrated.

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