Yoobin is SO HOT

April 26, 2010

Just recently saw these pics of the Wonder Girls in Taiwan and the member that really caught my attention is rapper Kim Yoobin. Wow. I think she’s getting back to her “So Hot” figure. We all know how much she gain when Wonder Girls were promoting “Nobody”. She lost most of those pounds during their Jonas Brothers concert.

Anyhow, I hope their new song will be good. I mean they’ve been gone for so long. If their comeback song is not really good, it might hurt their chances in becoming again the #1 girl group in Korea. Well, at least they can say that they are the #1 Korean girl group in the world. SNSD is popular, but they’re not really that popular outside of Korea and Thailand. The most popular Korean boy group and girl group here in Hongkong are DBSK and Wonder Girls respectively.



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