An article about the new 2pm

May 2, 2010

I’ve wanted to write this down ever since the 2pm sit down interview with Hottests, but I couldn’t find the perfect words to say so I waited this long. I’m a big fan of 2pm. If you’ve been following my posts ever since this blog was created, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of 2pm, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1.

The announcement of Jaebeom’s contract termination was really a surprise but I wasn’t as shocked as everyone though I’m “Shocked Fan”. I already made my peace on Jaebeom’s departure on the group after the September of 2009. At the time, I already accepted his fate and foresaw what 2pm will become. But I did hope his comeback to the group. If he did comeback, 2pm would have dominated every single part of Korea and the whole of Kpop all over the world. That’s a guarantee.

I’m writing this with a clear mind and I don’t want my emotions to get the better of me. I’m pissed with what was discussed in the sit down interview. I can read Korean but as I said, my vocabulary is very limited. I tried searching different interpretations of the interview and there was a part of that interview that remained the same with all the english translations. “Jaebeom is at fault and the members are the victims”. Ok, what were they trying to do by saying this statement? It is so foolish of the people behind JYP Enteratainment to put the blame on Jaebeom when everyone is just waiting for him to return. Jaebeom is loved.

I don’t like what I’m seeing. I feel like betrayed, tricked or something. This is not the 2pm that I became a fan of. This is not the group that people claim to have Shinhwa’s camaraderie. That statement in the conference was unnecessary. The conference was unnecessary. The whole situation was handled badly. And to tell you quite frankly, it made me saw 2pm in a new way. And it’s not a good thing.

I’m especially displease with Taecyeon. I don’t know. Probably I’m such a fan of Jaebeom that I’m blaming Taecyeon for what happen to him because Taecyeon have succeeded Jaebeom’s popularity in the group. For me, Taecyeon will always be the goofy sidekick.

With Hottest, you’ve read and heard about it. I don’t know how 2pm’s popularity will remain up there. There are still Hottests all over the globe, but I can tell you for certain that a lot have step back on their fandom. Doesn’t mean that they’ve become antis or that they sworn off the group. The loyalty isn’t just as strong as before. Some just become so-so of the group. If 2pm released a nice song, they’ll support it. If they don’t like it, they won’t. That’s how it is now.



  1. i feel you. i tried to be as open minded as i could with the whole situation. and as fan of 2PM in variety and not so much as being singers, i felt a bit disappointed at what had happened. what i saw during Hot Blood, Idol Army and Wild Bunny is not the 2PM they’ve shown during the conference. the whole aura has changed. it seems like they can’t be funny anymore without Jaebeom, and i can’t take them merely by being singers. so… i don’t know. i don’t hate them, but i’ve grown indifferent like some people now.

  2. i’ve been a fan since their day one. or shall i say even before their debut.
    when jay left, i had hope he’ll return one day but half of me also accepted that there could be a possibility he won’t come back. the conference came and i tried to be open-minded on how the event will go but i wasn’t expecting such things would happen… i was pissed, feel like betrayed and all but realized neither 2PM or Jay is at fault. WHY? because i don’t know what’s the real score between JYPE-2PM-Jay. we don’t know what is really going on inside jype.i’ve read insiders’ updates but still i don’t want to jump to any conclusions yet. i pity the boys for the maltreatment they are receiving now from their former fans. i’ve seen on and off-cams of them and noticed how tight they are. for the boys to kick jaebum away like what those antis said, u think they can really do that? as easy as that considering that they’ve been training together for how many years, shared difficulties and were at the peak of their popularity? i don’t think so. there lies a TRUE reason behind all these but i don’t think any of the parties would reveal it.
    right now,i’m satisfied seeing 2PM and Jay doing their things. i support both and i’m happy they’re back on screen. i can’t throw away my fandom for the 7-member 2PM as easy as those coldests did. i have many reasons why i can’t, won’t and don’t hate them.. so yeah i could say i’m a self-proclaimed bumtist and hottest..

    oh, really wanted to ask this.. u still a fan? 🙂 peace!

  3. about taec, truthfully i am disappointed/displease with him.. *sigh* he’s getting overrated..

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