BEAST’s Shock Choreography

May 3, 2010

I never really been a fan of BEAST. Between MBLAQ and BEAST, I go for MBLAQ. But I do have to admit that Doo Joon’s boys have better songs. Their latest song is “Shock” is eye catching. I just recently took the time to watch it. And I think the choreography is the best that an idol group have brought out. Well, at least for the year. I’m actually amaze. It’s something that will gets you hook watching it. Too bad that the song was given to BEAST.

No offense to BEAST but I don’t think they were able to pull it off. Notice their legs and the edges of the routine. It’s too rough and fast for them. Maybe if this song (or dance) was given to Super Junior, 2pm, SHINee, or even After School the dance would have been perfect. Like 4minute, I think BEAST isn’t polish enough to compete with the rest of the idol groups. I honestly think they should have trained more. Both 4minute and BEAST. BEAST is just lucky to be where they are now because they are given good songs.



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