An Idol Group

May 7, 2010

About a week ago, my Korean friend introduce to me this male idol group. I think you would have already figured out the idol group with my new header. I know they’re a bit old school but to be frank, they’re the best that I’ve seen so far that Korea offered. I got into Kpop because of the Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”. That’s years after g.o.d. reigned supreme. So I never really got the chance to know g.o.d. But I do know that there’s such a group that existed.

g.o.d. is a 5 member group that rose to fame in late 1990s to early 2000s. They had a string of hits that captivated a lot of people. And these songs are not the typical autotuned songs you so frequently hear now. Their songs are really good. There’s no other words to describe them. If G.O.D. debuted around this time, I think they would dominate Asia. I really think so.

The members are also entertaining. Too bad not much vids of them are uploaded in youtube. I like Danny Ahn the most. He has this something that you wanna know more. Like this kid in High School you just wanna be friends because you find them interesting. For some reason, he kinda reminds of Yoobin of the Wonder Girls. He just do.

Notice something with JYP idol groups.

Wonder Girls
Min Sunye
Park Ye Eun
Sunmi (Lim)
Ahn Sohee
Kim Yoobin (Kim HyunA)

Park Jaebeom
Kim Junsu
Ok Taecyeon
Jang Wooyoung
Lee Junho
Hwang Chansung

Lee Changmin
Im Seulong
Jo Kwon
Jung Jinwoon

Park Joon Hyung
Yoon Kye Sang
Danny Ahn
Son Ho Young
Kim Tae Woo

If you’ll notice, groups don’t have members with same surname. I don’t think JYP intended it to be like that. I don’t think that it’s a basis of choosing members in the group. I just noticed.

Kudos to JYP also. That’s 4 of 4 groups he have created that became popular. So far a 100. He really knows the right moves. The right songs and the right timing.

Anyway, here are some g.o.d. that I really like. Check them out. They’re really nice.

This kinda remind me of the acoustic version of Big Bang’s Haru Haru

I really like this song. The message is as well nice.




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  1. Try SES Shockedfan. They’re good too.

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