Wonder Girls Lim teaser is out

May 8, 2010

Wonder Girls will be coming back in a week’s time after more than a year of Nobody promotion. The first teaser of their new song is out which features new member Lim. As usual, the song is a reminisce of the past. I think the 80s this time. Kinda nostalgic I think for the old.

Anyway, there would be a lot of pressure for WG with this new song. Remember, Wonder Girls have only release 4 albums and promoted 5 songs.

Wonder Girls – Irony
The Wonder Years – Tell Me, This Fool
So Hot – So Hot
The Wonder Years Trilogy – Nobody

Technically, they just released 4. This Fool was in the same album as Tell Me and Tell Me was the carrier single of the album. Anyway, I say pressure because the last 3 albums of the girls became a hit and the carrier singles of those albums have become international sensation. That’s 3 of 4. Meaning they were 75% in hit per release. That’s a big percentage compared to the other artists. Let’s compare.

SNSD – INTW, Girls’ Generation, Kissing You, Baby Baby, Gee, Genie, Oh, Run Devil Run
– 2/8
– 25%
2PM – 10 Points of 10, Again and Again, Heartbeat, Without You (stil promoting)
– 2/4
– 50%
Kara – Break It, Rock U, Pretty Girl, Honey, Wanna (this was the carrier single but Mister became more popular), Lupin
– 1/6
– 16.67%
SHINee – Noona You’re So Pretty, Love Like Oxygen, Amigo, Juliette, Ring Ding Dong
– 1/4
– 25%

I’ll repeat, when I say a hit, it’s not just in Korea but the Kpop World as a whole.

To be honest, hearing the teaser, I don’t think it would be a hit. Well, it’s just a few seconds of the song but it seems like its the chorus. Wonder Girls’ hits has been the chorus and if the chorus won’t be that grand, I don’t know. We’ll see once the full song is out. I’m a Wonder Girls fan but I’m not a delusional fan. If the song is not that good, I will point it out. But I am hoping that it would be good. Let’s just see.



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