[Chart] Music Bank 2010/05/07

May 14, 2010

Honestly, I thought I’ve written this already. Sorry for the late post. Last week’s Music Bank we see 2pm winning against veterans Rain and Lee Hyori. “Without U” seems to be 2pm’s next hit. But I’m not feeling it though. Everyone have mentioned this before, this new song of theirs is so toned down from what we usually see in them. I can make my peace with the costume but the choreography is so amateurish. I don’t even think it’s worth parodying. Sorry, just my two cents. But congrats to them still.

01 2pm – Without You
02 Rain – Love Song
03 Lee Hyori – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
04 Yesung – It Has To Be You
05 Bobby Kim – Like A Man
06 SNSD – Run Devil Run
07 Secret – Magic
08 2am – Like an Idiot
09 Seo Young Eun – 이 거지같은 말
10 Monday Kiz – Scatter
11 After School – Bang
12 Kara – Lupin
13 2am – I Was Wrong
14 Hot Potato – Confession
15 Kim YoonA – Going Home
16 Gummy – There is No Love
17 Lee Suk Hoon – 10 Reasons To Love You
18 SeeYa – Breast Lump
19 Im Jae Beom – 사랑에 아파한 날들
20 Younha – Can’t Believe It



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