Super Junior: An Article

May 14, 2010

Super Junior recently made a comeback to the music scene with their song, “Bonamana”. The song is actually nice. The dance is also in my liking. But I can’t get the thought of the song being recycled out of my system. Everytime I hear it, it kinda remind me of SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”. Also, the verse sounds so familiar too. I just can’t get my finger on it though. But I know I heard it somewhere before. Too bad for Super Junior actually. I mean I know people will throw rocks at them once this is raised.

Another thing people are concern about this comeback is the obvious decline in number of members. Super Junior is known to be the most massive male idol group around. Well, in Korea that is the fact. But with this new song, only 10 members appeared. This actually reminds me of the US show Survivor. One by one, Super Junior decreases.

Before I continue, please have an open-mind of the statements that will proceed. Remember, this is still a blog. My blog. My thoughts. My opinion. This is not a news portal. I’m not a fan of Super Junior nor am I an anti-fan.

Super Junior started with 12 members and then Kyu Hyun comes in and makes it 13. When the group started their “Sorry, Sorry” promotions, Kim Kibum was obviously MIA. Actually, for the past 3 songs, Kibum has not participated with the group.

I know people are still thinking that he’s just concentrating in his solo projects. Even my almost one year article on him is still being bashed by ELFs. But let’s be realistic. This is already the 3rd consecutive song that Kibum missed. And how much solo projects have he done during those times that Super Junior is promoting?

To be honest, I really think Kibum has left the group. And that SM are just saying that he’s still part of Super Junior to appease the fans. Think about it. He has a responsibility as a member of the group. He knows the fans are in this perpetual bliss of Super Junior being 13. The least he can do is to actually perform with the group at least once. Look what Jiyeon of T-ara and UEE of After School are doing. I think the two girls even have a much greater solo work than what Kibum has and yet they give time for their respective groups. People can say what they want, but logic says that Kim Kibum bid farewell to Super Junior already.

Now with Hankyung, I think this is quite obvious. Hankyung is no longer part of Super Junior and I don’t think he will ever return. He even looks much happier now.

Kangin is actually a disappointment. I mean for an idol, he should have known better than to do what he did. And with Korea’s culture, I think it would be very difficult for him to comeback. His enlistment was actually understandable. Maybe by the time he can comeback people would have forgotten about his misdemeanor. But the questions is, will there be a Super Junior when he comes back?

A lot of the great boy groups of the past (g.o.d, HOT, sechs kies, Shinhwa) have dominated but also disappeared in the limelight. g.o.d and Shinhwa have not officially disbanded but their stardom diminished so greatly that making a song a hit is like crossing the Pacific Ocean. It’s not that their fans move on to another groups, their fans just grew up.

Military duties in Korea are required for all healthy male. For two years they will devote themselves to the military. So Kangin will be back in 2012 at the least. Question, how much super will Super Junior be at that time? And also, how many members will still be there?

(Korean age adds one year to their biological age)
Leeteuk (1983) – 27 this year, 28
Heechul (1983) – 27 this year, 28
Yesung (1984) – 26 this year, 27
Shindong (1985) – 25 this year, 26
Sungmiin (1986) – 24 this year, 25
Eunhyuk (1986) – 24 this year, 25
Donghae (1986) – 24 this year, 25
Siwon (1987) – 23 this year, 24
Ryeowook (1987) – 23 this year, 24
Kyuhyun (1988) – 22 this year, 23

Two years from now, a third of the members active now will have to go to the military. So Kangin’s return won’t be a reunion but an exchange. He’ll come back and someone will leave. Also, two years from now, do you still see ELFs going all around and cheering for them? No, by that time, Super Junior fans will already have jobs or concentrated in their college thesis or something. What I’m trying to say, by that long period of time, fans would already have moved on. Look at Shinhwa for example. From what I’ve seen in youtube, they really dominated but what happened in 2007? Wonder Girls and Big Bang were the groups that garnered a lot of attention.

Idol groups are just as effective as their fans. When they debut, they’ll get a lot of fans from the current Kpop fanatics and teenagers that are around in their debut. But they will eventually grow up.

I think Super Junior and their fans should now moved on from the 13 thing. It will never be 13 again. Well at least for the next few years. They have 10 members right now and it still might get diminish. I’m not hoping that Super Junior members will drop but I predict it will. They’re not getting any younger and Super Junior won’t be there forever. In the long run of their careers, going solo is the most logical decision.




  1. A Shinhwa fan passing through and this is a little unrelated, but…
    Just wanted to say that last time I checked, Shinhwa’s lastest album was in the top 5 selling albums of the year without any promotion. The last song they promoted with performances was also number 1 for weeks. Perhaps Shinhwa stardom is not as diminished as some might think. There just hasn’t been many chances for Shinhwa fans to show support because members are in the army. We may be aging, but we’re not completely crippled yet ^_^

    • LOL at the last part “We may be aging, but we’re not completely crippled yet”.

      I hope you weren’t offended with what I said. What I meant to say is that Shinhwa dominated in the early 2000s but in 2007 they were outshined by Wonder Girls and Big Bang.

  2. i agree on our statement about kibum…ELFs just can’t accept it – though i think they already know it, they just can’t accept it.

    About the growing thing…well it depends individually – I am the same age as hangeng and I am still a fan =) watching their concerts and still screaming & gets excited whenever i see them on youtube doing activities…what I mean is that loyalty on your idol really do matter…whether you’ll still buy their albums and support them on their activities. I know that suju will not last forever, but I do hope that they last longer… =)

  3. Kudos to you. This is the only blog that actually blogs. I mean your site is worth visiting. You are very opinionated. You have lots to say. And you make sense. You’re not one of those people that just copy paste what is written in allkpop and such. Keep it up!

  4. super junior is very cute Entertainers and very cute acter and very sexy boys and is very good boys and it is very nice and kind and caring and friendly good heart and a good dancer, the best

  5. i’m a Super Junior fan,and yeah i agree with you..Kibum already out! i don’t care either if he really out..he never contribute anything! sorry ELF…bash me if you want! don’t care about Kibum at all…
    and go to army,doesn’t mean that the group will disband..it just something that they really need to do.
    .if really that be the issue,all korean idol/boyband will be disband too if they go to army..it really doesn’t make sense.. -___-”
    and still proud of Super Junior that still going on even though many thing happen… Super Junior fighting! ^^ and very proud of them cause they are the only idol,i think,right now,that produce a full studio album,not mini album or etc…
    and don’t differentiate between the sunbae idol and the hoobae idol..they different..
    it seem like you want to differentiate between trot song and hip hop..
    every group has they own fan base that will support them.. ^^

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