Wonder Girls releases “2 Different Tears”

May 16, 2010

In a span of 24 hours, JYP and Wonder Girls released their new song “2 Different Tears” as well as its MV. The song and MV is fun and catchy. Typical for a Wonder Girls song. Can’t get “Shape Like a Pikachu” out of my head. To tell you quite frankly I thought I would hate it but I find myself singing to the chorus.

Two Different Tears
After all these years
Tears of Joy, Tears of Pain
Like sunshine and rain”

You have to admit, it is quite catchy. For some reason, it reminds me of “Tell Me”. Maybe because of it’s obvious retro sound. Of all the songs that Wonder Girls has released, I like “So Hot” and “Irony” the most. “So Hot” is the reason why I fell in love with the Wonder Girls to begin with.

“2 Different Tears” as said by many, isn’t really as powerful as “Nobody”, “Irony”, and “So Hot”. I agree with that but the song does have its charm. I kinda like that JYP is mixing things up. From what I’ve read in the comment section of the video, they were comparing the new song to “Nobody”. Comparing to the point that they want Nobody Part2. But think about it. If JYP will just produce songs like “Nobody” and just “Nobody”, the audience will be saturated. “Nobody” has been playing for almost 2 years. So coming out with a song like “2 Different Things” is a great idea to spice up the girls’ portfolio of songs.

Also, I think the dance suits the song. People were claiming that it should be more explosive like with “So Hot”. But if JYP did that, the choreography would not go with the beat of the song. I’m a dancer so I have a little knowledge on these things. If JYP made it more extravagant, then it would be like dancing “Bang” to the song “Gee”. That wouldn’t go well.

I’m not crazy with “2 Different Tears” yet but I do like it. Maybe it will grow on me. It seems like a song that will grow on you. I didn’t like “Tell Me” and “Nobody” when I first heard it at first but it grew on me. These two songs did solidify Wonder Girls hold in the Asian market and paved way to their debut in America.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this song will be a hit and win awards considering Super Junior is around. I stand on my belief. Fan Girls will always be crazier than Fan Boys. Also, from what I heard, no solid copies will be sold. I’m not sure if they’re not really selling. I’m still checking it. But if it is true, then it would be hard for Wonder Girls to win in Music Bank. The show does rely heavily on physical album sold.

I’m very interested what will happen with this song. I don’t think Wonder Girls will be promoting this song long since they are planning to release a full album by July I heard. So let’s see. “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and “Nobody”. Is “2 Different Tears” destined to be among these songs that have already established themselves to society and carved their hold in the hearts and memories of millions?

Check out the MV. The Pikachu thing really surprised me. JYP’s humor is really weird.

Here’s a fancam of their performance. Classic Wonder Girls. Lim did well but I think Sunmi would have done better. Well, we can’t stay in the past forever.

Aja! Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls Fighting!




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