Wonder Girls & antis comesback with “2 Different Tears”

May 20, 2010

Wonder Girls officially made their comeback in the Kpop mainstream earlier today in Mnet Countdown. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting their performance to be spectacular, eye-catching, and mesmerizing. Though it’s the Wonder Girls, we are still talking about Mnet Countdown. A show that lacks the budget to update their equipment.

I like the performance. Wasn’t crazy about it, but it will do considering the stage. Or probably because I miss them performing in Korea. Mnet (stage and sound) aside, I think it is kinda lacking. Or probably the low quality video of the show contaminated my view. New member Hye Lim did great but I kept noticing her. Not in a good way. The other four has this snap on the edges of the routine, but Hye Lim was smooth. Too smooth. Something she needs to work on. But as I said, it will do. Even with this, they are better than some girl groups that are around. I really can’t wait for them to perform in a much better stage like Music Bank.

I find it odd that people say that the performance sucks. Yes, it’s not extravagant but it’s not bad. I feel bad for Wonder Girls actually. They had a busy week but people are judging their entire existence with this performance. Ok, so they had a comeback that is less than expected. But are they the only ones? How ’bout SNSD’s comeback with “Gee”? Almost half the group were ill back then. You can hear Taeyeon struggling with her notes. And also 4minute’s debut. You just can’t judge a group with one less than perfect performance when they have dozens of performance in perfection.

Also, they were judging the song like it’s the worst song ever made in Kpop. It’s actually funny. These are songs that Wonder Girls are known for. Have they heard “Tell Me”? Well, maybe they will love it in time. Going back in history, “Tell Me” was a late bloomer. The girls release “Tell Me” in the first week of September but only gained fame in October. As well as “Nobody”. Remember, “Nobody” never won first place in Inkigayo but yet, this song skyrocketed the Wonder Girls popularity around the world.

I don’t know what to say anymore to be honest. Just can’t help but laugh. I’m a very straight forward person. I criticize everything I feel needs to be criticize. I say it how it is. But I’m no hater. I’m not a fan of SNSD but I never said that they sucked. I just hope fans would grow up. I mean, have sense. Make sure what they’re saying have sense.

Here’s a few anti comments in allkpop that’s worth mentioning:
1.) “Nobody” became what it is in the US because of the Jonas Brother only.
2.) Hye Lim is not pretty.
3.) Sohee can’t sing.
4.) It’s downhill for the Wonder Girls.

Reading the comments, it felt like I was dealing with bunch of 12 year olds. I mean how immature can they be? Some are even dragging SNSD’s name which I think is very unfair. SNSD really has amazingly scary fans. Seriously.

Well, tomorrow is another performance. I know they would be better.



  1. Agreed!! they’re saying without thinking. But the truth is not easy to be artist, being like them is hard. Practice and practice and then go to perform and then busy schedullle.. Hmm,,that’s hard.. Saying is easy,,but the action is hard.. Good luck for the antis..
    Well,,everybody has diffrent minds.. πŸ™‚

  2. i agree ! everything you wrote is so true πŸ™‚
    Its very rude to throw these harsh words to a group who made their 1st perf after a long comeback !
    REMEMBER this is just an EP.
    once their album comes in June, we’ll see that WG comeback would be the best damn thing ! πŸ˜€
    antis, prepared to be amazed πŸ˜‰

  3. after a long hiatus *

  4. Hi, this is shocked fan. For some reason I can’t post anything. An error always occurs when I try to create a new post. It’s been like this since last night. I’ve e-mailed already the people in wordpress to what the problem could be. I might have done something that keeps preventing me from creating a new post.

    I’m very much hoping that things are alright and that I can continue blogging. But if worse comes to worst, this would be the end of shockedfan.wordpress.com. It was fun while it lasted. I really thought this would make it for a year. Been asking for a sign for months now if I should continue this blog. And what better sign than someone from wordpress telling you to stop.

  5. every kpop artists have antis.
    antis also one of type fans too
    cuz they tend to watch 1000x video to seek the artist mistake
    so dont mind them at all

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