The Change in 2pm

May 23, 2010

Before going any further, I will tell you this is not a Park Jaebeom article.

I met with a friend this past weekend. A little get together since he’s in town. We went to the same college. He’s my senior and he graduated last year. He ask me to meet up to catch up with what’s been going on with the dance crew. Our little chat got into Kpop. Of all the male idols, he was particularly a fan of 2pm.

I think we have the same reason for liking 2pm. They’re not gayish (you know what I mean). They don’t look like girls. And they have killer dance steps. “Again and Again” really has a nice routine. Anyway, he’s birthday was coming up and he said he was expecting something from us. I told him I would just give him a 2pm CD. And he said he wouldn’t like it. He wasn’t a fan of 2pm anymore. It’s not because of Park Jaebeom, but because the 2pm he became a fan of is not anymore 2pm. When I got back to my place, that got me thinking. “Not 2pm anymore”.

I though and I thought why did I call myself a 2pm fan? And I remembered. I got addicted with the “Again and Again” choreography. Thinking about it, that’s all it is. After their “Time for Change” promotion, all of their performance from then on were all theatrical. “Heartbeat”, “Tired of Waiting” and now “Without You”. And come to think of it, I don’t like these songs.

Everytime I think of idol groups and dancing, I think about After School, SHINee, and 2pm. But 2pm hasn’t really been dancing. They were fanserving. I can’t believe I just notice it now. To readers of this blog, if 2pm were brought up, what’s the first thing you’d be thinking? To me, Ok Taecyeon ripping his shirt. That’s what 2pm already have become. A treat for the ladies.

I could remember an article before stating that 2pm were like the male counterpart of WG in terms of fans. Meaning they have the same number of girl fans to boy fans. Quite rare for a boy group actually. But to be honest, if they were like this before, I don’t think I would be a fan of them.

I hope they go back to who they were in their next album. I mean the reason they were made. No offense to fans, “Without You” was actually a disappointment. Stop the theatricals and just dance.




  1. Agree, 2pm is starting to be SNSD. They’re selling their looks, not their music. WG and SHINee are for me the most talented GROUP (as a whole, individually, it’s 2ne1 and big bang) in Korea

  2. i agree. i liked 2pm because of their personalities that they’ve shown in variety shows… lately they’ve been banking too much on selling they’re bodies… it’s nauseating. they’ve lost what little edge they’ve had during again and again and i hate you promotions when jaebeom left. theyve lost their most talented and all around leader, they were left with nothing but mediocre talents and good looks. it’s a shame…

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