[Chart] Cyworld Song of the Month: 2010 May

June 6, 2010

Unlike other online charts, Cyworld releases their charts every month. So here you go. This will only be the monthly chart that I will post from now on. Posting the weekly charts and then the monthly online charts are too much work. I am only one person. But if you are interested to know, the links to all online charts that I’m posting are on my blogroll. The sites are in Korean but it’s easy to go around.

Anyway, Hot Potato’s Confession reigned supreme the entire month of May. The song is okay. It has a John Mayer sound to it. It’s great that other artists are getting much needed recognition aside for the usual idol group.

01 Hot Potato – Confession
02 Seo In Kook – Love U
03 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
04 Davichi – Stopping Time
05 f(x) – NU ABO
06 DECEMBER – Tears in Heaven
07 Gummy – Because of You
08 Lyn – Honey Baby Love
09 Brown Eyed Soul – Love Ballad
10 VIBE – Come Back
11 C.N.Blue – Love
12 C.N.Blue – Love Light
13 B.o.B – Nothin` On You (Feat. Bruno Mars)
14 Seo Young Eun – 이 거지같은 말
15 Gummy – Like A Man
16 Super Junior’s Yesung – It Has To Be You
17 Monday Kiz – Scatter
18 Kiroy Y feat. KCM & Nonoo – The Stars of The Night..
19 Nieve and Cook – Chronic Intoxication (Ryoko Anan Natsu No Yuki Remix)
20 Lee Seok Hoon – 10 Reasons To Love You




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