Can someone please stop the Taecyeon-Yoona scandal?

June 7, 2010

I thought I was on my own thinking this. I’ve been wanting to write about the scandal for days now but I held back. At first, the Taceyeon-Yoona thing was kinda cute. Two idols from different agency have this love scandal. Love scandals are usually partly true. I have nothing against Taecyeon and Yoona dating but the constant news about it is starting to get so annoying. No offense to the pro Taecyeon-Yoona, but I don’t actually see a chemistry in them. I think the hype around them is just that the two are the most popular member of their respective groups.

The scandal started late last year. I don’t actually know when. I just suddenly saw in a news portal that a Gayo festival will feature 2pm and SNSD in a special with Taecyeon and Yoona as lead. I was surprised to be honest. After all those times, I thought the love connection was between Yoona-Khun and Sunny-Taecyeon. But I guess I was wrong.

I don’t know if the Taec-Yoona scandal actually became a scandal (Yoon Eun Hye – Kim Jong Kook, Lee Hyori – Kim Jong Kook – Park Yejin, Lee Joon – Hyomin). For a scandal to be a “scandal”, people have to approve. I mean I never really felt it with the fans. I just kept reading about it in allkpop. I really think its all just hype since 2pm and SNSD, were at the time of the gayo festivals, the most popular group.

A lot of Korean shows actually got hooked with the scandal and featured it in their shows. I never really cared about it to be honest. Even though allkpop have been posting articles about them. Taecyeon and Yoona just didn’t really have that charisma. That spark that would hold the scandal on its own. It’s not trying to want you to know more about their scandal. It’s more like, “Hey, it’s Yoona and Taec. They’re the most popular in SNSD and 2pm and they have a scandal. Let’s know more because their popular.” Know what I mean?

I have this philosophy: “if you don’t like it, just ignore”. I’m a frequent visitor in allkpop. And I’ve been ignoring the Taecyeon-Yoona articles because the scandal didn’t really got to me. But as the weeks and months go by articles are posted one by one and they all are saying the same thing. I was seriously getting annoyed. Is there nothing else to report in allkpop? Just what happened yesterday. I wanted to know why Inkigayo was cancelled. And when I went to the site, the infamous Taecna was there. A few minute later, another article about them.

It’s not just the Korean media who’s at fault. The main leads of the scandal should also be blame. Well, actually, just Taecyeon. Yoona never really did anything to add to the scandal. I heard that Taecyeon told the news people that the scandal isn’t true and that Yoona and him are just friends. According to him, the media are just blowing things out of proportion. And then after that news, we found out that he gave Yoona a perfume for her coming of age celebration thing (not really familiar with this Korean event). I think it was in Family Outing.

I don’t get Taecyeon’s line of reasoning. He states that he’s sick of the scandal and there’s no truth to it but he keeps doing things that will say otherwise. Yes, friends give each other gifts but does it have to be in front of the camera? He knows people are already hovering over their shoulders then he gives out this gesture that contradicts what he just said. To be honest, I think he’s loving the attention and I’m really sad for him for being like that. A normal person who says that he doesn’t want the scandal would lie low and just back away.

I’m sorry to 2pm fans, Taecyeon’s image (at least for the not so die-hard fans of 2pm) is really deteriorating. 2pm has not bounce back from the conference thing where they were labelled as “Traitor Idols”. They should actually be working hard to gain back everything that they lost. Pride, integrity, & loyalty. 2pm as 6 members isn’t actually accepted. The moment fans stops cheering Jaebeom’s name will be the only time 2pm finds a new beginning.



  1. i dfinitely agree wid u.sory 4 d 2pm fans but,really,d thing dat taecyon did in frnt of d cam is just a way for dem to gain popularity.he kips on saying bout stopping d scandal.but he himself is doing d opposite!

  2. I’m really liking your opinionated posts. This blog is actually one of the few that are worth visiting.

    Regarding the Taec-Yoona scandal, I also think that they should stop it. They’re over-milking it too much. It isn’t cute anymore.

  3. i totally agree wit u, i thought that it was so cute at first but i think it’s too much and annoying now

  4. I kinda disagree.
    I am tired of the news coverage of Taecyoon but I really do think there’s something going on between them.
    At first when I saw the gayo performance…i really didn’t see the chemistry. It wasn’t until I started watching FO2 that I felt something was going on. It was always through glances and things they did when the camera wasn’t focused on them.
    I think Taec says there’s nothing going on etc….just because celebs lie all time about their personal/dating life so they wont get crap for it….but I do think that he really likes Yoona and that’s why he continues to woo her. ❤
    And I think that it started off one sided but recently it seems that yoona is starting to feel the same way.
    But I do agree that there's been way too much coverage of Taecyoon on entertainment sites.

    • Well, you’re one of the few who are delighted with this pairing. As for me, at first glance, its like an ahjussi trying to get a teenager.

  5. Your not the only one. So many people are over this couple and the never-ending articles about them. You make such a valid point with Taec saying that nothing is going on but yet he feeds the frenzy. I mean this pairing had so much potential but they seriously over-killed it from performances, advertising, variety shows you can’t go anywhere without seeing these two together. I became completely fed up with them when the Wonder Girls went on FO2 but instead of showing the girls they mainly showed YoonA – Taec. So over them !!!!

  6. “Well, you’re one of the few who are delighted with this pairing. As for me, at first glance, its like an ahjussi trying to get a teenager.” I dont think so. Many, many people support this couple and this is jut very fine. And there is one thing more. What did you want to say from taec about the scandal?? Yes, i have a scandal with yoona?? It’s just talking ,if they want to be together they will if no the won’t and so on.

    • seriously, a lot of people support this? have you read allkpop? do you know that most sone and hottest hate this? better check you facts before you start blabbing some nonsense.

  7. haha hottest? i respect them but that is just nonsense. Stop staring about taecyoona couple or anyone couple. Our opinions won’t change anything between taec-yoona relationships. If they like to be together, let them be together (u know what i mean). You’re like “Taec, u can’t be with yoona cause i don’t like ur pair.” Thats funny actually…

    • Actually, I don’t think people have a problem of them being together. Well, I don’t. Let them be together if they want to be a couple. They are still humans. They need it. What irritates me is the constant news about it. Like every news is trying to say, “Are they a couple or not?” You know what I mean? It’s just a bit annoying.

  8. yeah . i think it just a crap . . but anyway . this issue exist on 2010 . and 2011 is the year ryt now . .
    oh n0? . im very late . . haha!
    i love you yoona !

  9. I love you yoona !

  10. Well, from what I see, the perfume part, MIGHT be what the ppl planned and scripted, and asked Taecyeon to do… you never know. And also, they ARE annoyed with the scandal… but ppl who script the stuff don’t really wanna end… anyways, I believe it’s not Taecyeon who is the main fault here ._.

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