A Scandal in the Making: Sunye and Donghae

June 8, 2010

This is actually quite a late post. Better late than never as the say.

I’m a die hard Wonder Girls fan (not delusional). And when I found out that they’re making a 2 week comeback appearances including variety in Korea, I tried to watch them live as much as I could. I even listed every guesting that they had. But destiny was not with me. The only ones I saw live were their music performances and their guesting in Win Win. Come to Play was a last minute addition in my list actually. I think their Come to Play episode with Super Junior came as a shock to a lot of people. It all started with a rumor, and then a day (to me hours) before the said episode. People in soompi confirmed the Wonder Girls’ guesting.

I’ve seen the episode and I’ll tell you, there might be something genuine there between Sunye and Donghae. Emphasis on MIGHT. We are still talking about Super Junior here. A group that has made an everlasting mark in variety.

Super Junior is a group known to stretch the truth for entertainment. Some of them even have done crazy things for the audience. Kyu Hyun actually made that clear against Leeteuk in the episode. So it was hard for me to believe everything that the leader of Super Junior is exposing for the first time. Actually, I don’t believe a word that he said. It felt so contrive. So the scandal may not be even real. But then again, it is Donghae. He has never been known to push reality to provide entertainment.

I never really thought that a scandal will come alive with the few variety appearances of the Wonder Girls, but it did. And quite frankly, I approve. I think a lot of people does. After Lee Joon and Hyomin, this is the next scandal to actually excite the fans. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the episode for yourself.

Sunye and Donghae really compliments each other. They match so well. Fans in soompi, youtube and twitter really love the pairing but I don’t know if it will go anywhere than where it is now. The Wonder Girls are in the US trying to reach their dream and Super Junior is currently dominating Asia. That’s continents apart. Also, Sunye looks like a goal-minded person. I mean she knows what she wants and she’s concentrated at it. And right now, here eyes are on America. But it would be nice though if they do go out. Just once. Like have them in a show for blind dating idols.

I’m excited to see what’s next with this scandal or maybe a closure. Lee Joon and Hyomin never went to the next level or had closure. They just suddenly became awkward. Like nothing happened (Invincible Youth). I hope the same fate won’t happen with Sunye and Donghae. Let’s just wait and see.




  1. They really do look cute together but sadly I also don’t think it would go any further than this. Too bad.

  2. i’d say, bad timing.

    maybe they could have worked if wonder girls aren’t venturing in the us.

    here’s my take on this: donghae seems to really like her, but i don’t think sunye shares the same interest (at least, she doesn’t show it). in CTP, she looks more pleasantly surprised rather than wanting to return his feelings.

    ps. i think they did go and watch the movie after the show.
    donghae recently talked about her on Suju’s KTR show, saying she is “a really nice person”. Looked like they had some hanging-out time.

  3. I don’t think this can actually be considered a proper full-blown scandal. LOL!

    it’s like Donghae said he likes Sun Ye and everyone goes “oh how cute! they really look good together! they should be on WGM! they should date! they should get married!” instead of getting pissed, cursing or sending hate mail to Sun Ye. guess Wonder Girls really do get special treatment. 😛

    anyhoo I’ve got a gut feeling that there is actually a chance that Donghae & Sun Ye might end up together in real life. Donghae seems to be the kind who’ll not give up so easily (as proven in Come To Play) & he REALLY likes Sun Ye while Sun Ye is more cool but still appreciates Donghae’s affections for her.

    like someone said before Donghae talked about Sun Ye on KTR and he was all smiles when he said that she was a nice person. guess he got to watch that movie & have a good talk with her.

    who knows? these 2 could be chatting on the phone as I type this comment out.

    in the end I just want Donghae & Sun Ye to be happy and if they’re happy with each other then I’m even happier. LOL!

    • shockedfan said “a scandal in the making”, so he was also thinking that this is not a full blown scandal yet.

      I agree, it’s amazing that Sunye hasn’t really been bash or cursed. Maybe there’s truth to what they say that WG are household names and are loved.

      But I have to disagree with your prediction. I think this scandal will die soon. They match so well but I don’t think it will go anywhere.

  4. It really depends on when WG is returning to Korea pernamently. If WG become successful in America, they will probably stay there for a long period of time without coming back to Korea. Even so, WG are probably going to promote in America for another 2 to 3 years. I have no idea whether Donghae can wait that long when WG already have fans that are flying away during their stay in America. Then again, if Heechul can remain faithful to Sohee even when WG were out of the K-pop scene for 1 and a half years, I don’t see why Donghae can’t. (Besides, Donghae is persistent as someone above me mentioned.)

    Conclusion: They match well and are so darn cute together, but their relationship ain’t going anywhere for the time being. Maybe after 2/3 years, if Donghae is still interested in her. (Sunye seems like the type to give guys chances, even if she doesn’t return their feelings.)

  5. I really love them. I mean they look so freaking awesome together. I wanna see them in Mnet Scandal. Wonder how Donghae treats Sunye on a real date?

    Did they went to a movie after the recording?

  6. I’m really liking this scandal.

    Sunye has talk about donghae in Singapore. Donghae has been keeping the couple. Wonder if Sunye still has her couple ring.

  7. A lot of people are crazy about them. I think the reason why people loves thir scandal is that its not force. Unlike the taec-yoona scandal. I wonder when they will meet again.

    • Yeah, the fans are the ones that is making this scandal big. Donghae said he likes Sunye only in CTP, he never said it again. I think this is the charm of “SunHae” as they say. Sunye and Donghae’s relationship is still a mystery. No one is confirming that’s why people are speculating.

  8. i always love this couple~ coz their my fav in their groups!! xDD
    SunHae hwaiting~!!!
    leeteuk oppa sure will be unhappy..xD he really likes sunye~

  9. wait~ donghae n sunye wore their couple ring given by the show on ikigayo (i think) xD
    so cute~ donghae oppa wont let it stop~ dont let it stop =P

  10. sun ye is ugly her cheek bones are as hard as rocks
    and plus she’s wonder slut’s plastic surgery member!!!

    • she did a plastic surgery???!! O_O

      • no she didn’t. don’t believe that dumb troll.

    • I’m sure you’re a Miss Universe look alike you pathetic hater. so your cheekbones are as soft as cement is that it? jeez you are pathetic.

  11. i think it won’t go somewhere as u said sunye is a goal minded person…and it already happened the exact thing to wonder girls yoobin and kyujong at we got merried and they’ve been in talk shows and stuff…but look at them now…kyujong doesn’t even mantion her again or so does she…people may get really happy about sunye and donghae couple…but i think after a few monthes nothing will happene though i hope the two will go out…but let’s see what would happen then =)

  12. i see that donghae seems to be in a spot and ppl are trying to get him together w/someone,it maybe other korean girl band on the show not wonder girls and the same thing may happen…right. shindong seems to be helping him of what to reply to the girl on the phone in the video. it’s not his choice,his just playing/going on with the flow.
    Anyway they are all so young, most boy/girl group which on the entertainment show seldom or never end up together its just publicity.

    • um not exactly. Donghae was seen blowing a kiss to the “Donghae ❤ Sun Ye" balloon that was seen in SMTown LA. 🙂 I doubt this is for publicity sake because Wonder Girls aren't even promoting in South Korea anymore. they were only there for 2 weeks. what would be the point of creating a scandal if Donghae & Sun Ye are so far away from each other? I think Donghae merely used the show to get his interest in Sun Ye across. as to whether they would be a real couple let's wait & see. 🙂

      • omg,,really?donghae blew a kiss to the ballon??…that’s hella sweet..well maybe if they aren’t dating yet,but at least donghae still have an affection to sunye..i mean if all he things in CTP were scripted,i dont think donghae would blew a kiss to the ballon plus it has been few months already…i really hope they are real or if they aren’t real,at least be on WGM..oh,i’m such a sunhae fan~!oh btw,do u have the link???..i really wanna watch it..:):):)

  13. sunshiner – you can check the SunHae channel on Youtube for the latest updates.


    I agree. Donghae wouldn’t be blowing kisses to the balloon if he didn’t actually like Sun Ye. I’m not going to insist that SunHae should end up together but it would be sweet if they were real. 🙂

  14. i love this pairing.. they might not go out right now.. but hopefully in the near future.. after careers ofcourse….
    they truly match..plus i love sunye to death she really has the biggest heart.. and as my favorite suju member.. i would love for them to get together!!! hope they stay close and not awkward…

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