New Blood in Kpop

June 14, 2010

I was watching the Inkigayo performances last night. I wasn’t able to watch the live stream yesterday so I settled with uploaded vids. Two performances really surprised me. First, its Sistar’s “Push”. I know people in the net have already been discussing this group but it wasn’t until last night that I finally saw them perform. I’m not super amazed but considering this is their debut, I think they are way better than other kpop groups around now, talent-wise.

“Push” might be one of those catchy girly songs, but if you’ll go deeper to the performance, there’s something there. They’re on cue in the routine and they’re obviously singing live. I’m not saying that this song will put them on top but SNSD, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls and other Kpop girl groups in Korea should look out for this girls.

Another group that got my attention is “Infinite”. Like Sistar, I don’t know much about this group. But their performance in Inkigayo blew me away. I’m a dancer as i said in my previous posts, so I have hands on knowledge on how difficult to execute that routine. I’m not fan of the song but the dancing was incredible. They may not be idol pretty as a group but their talent might get them ahead. I know they have a reality show. I’m looking for them so I can watch them. Anybody knows the link?

I remember Ye Eun of the Woder Girls said in one of her interviews that it was a good thing that they’re venturing to the US. I agree with that. Established groups should go beyond Korea. If they stay, they will be overshadowed by fresher and younger groups that I can say are bringing it when they have to bring it.

Some of the rookie groups amazes me. With just their debut, they can already compete with the top groups in the industry. MBLAQ, T-ara, Secret, Sistar, and Infinite. I think these 5 groups are the future of Kpop. Well, just my prediction.

Super Junior, DBSK, Wonder Girls, and Big Bang have already ventured outside their homeland. I think the rest should follow. SNSD, Kara and 2pm should seriosuly consider following their footsteps. If they remain in Korea. They will definitely be crumbled and crush by the forever changing world of Kpop. They’re not going to be on top forever. Look what happened to Fin.K.L. Their last album was a disappointment.




  1. i just wanted to ask you why you ddin’t include 2ne1 in the “future of kpop”? was is because they’re not active right now, or you think they are not really up for it..? i dunno, coz i know you like 2ne1 so i was pretty confused why they were left out. thanks!

    • I was talking about rookies. Rookies, from the time of T-ara to now. 2NE1 and 4minute are not considered rookies anymore. Also, I don’t think 2NE1 will be in Korea for long. With 2NE1’s music, I think YG will branch out in Asia.

      I consider myself a Wonderful, VIP, cassiopeia, and Black Jack. And maybe sometimes an ELF as well. I’m not a Hottest anymore. Did some thinking. What I like about 2pm is their dancing. And after Again and Again, their dancing have become so theatrical. Which really is a disappointment.

      Right now, I’m keeping my eye on Infinite. You should check them out. As I said, I’m a dancer. Don’t know much about their singing but I can say that they can really dance. As a dancer, I’m a fan.

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