Infinite: A Group to watch out for

June 19, 2010

Earlier in the week, I was introduce to Infinite. As I have said, I really don’t know them but their Inkigayo performance just blew me away.

From the intro to the end, it was one of the best I’ve seen from a rookie idol. It made me wanna know more about them. Right now, I can distinguish 3: Sung Gyu, L, and Dong Woo. Their faces are distinct enough. Well, may not be the case for L. If I’m looking for him in the group, I just look for the one who looks like Kim Bum of BOF.

To be honest, in terms of look, I think they are in a disadvantage. I mean there isn’t really anyone in the group who can compete with other groups’ most popular members. Don’t get me wrong, the Infinite boys aren’t ugly, they look good. But not as good as other idols active. But at least they can say that they are more talented than some groups around.

Right now, I can say that they’re one of if not the best dance group in Kpop right now. I mean unlike other groups, their dancing skills are evenly match. No one stands out which makes the routine flawless. They actually remind me of SHINee. The 2008 SHINee. It was really too bad that SM decides to follow the girl trend of having catchy moves. Ring Ding Dong anyone? Amigo, Love Like Oxygen and Replay have epic routines. But Juliette and Ring Ding Dong were so toned down which was very disappointing.

I’m not a singer so I don’t know much to judge their vocals but I really enjoyed listening to their album. The songs are my style. Even the ballads. Here’s the tracklist of the “First Invasion” album. My favorite is She’s Back. Though the pace is fast it’s very soothing to the ear.

01 ∞
02 다시 돌아와
03 She’s Back
04 날개
05 붙박이 별
06 맡겨

I really think this group will become somebody someday. I really don’t know how to explain it. Just a gut feeling I guess. Already saw their mnet variety show. They’re not as good as MBLAQ and SuJu in terms of variety. Actually they suck. But I still think people will tune in and take interest in them. There just something genuine in them. Like this something that will make the public go on their side. It’s just a fearless forecast though. Here’s their latest music show performance. Enjoy!



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  1. yeah I agree! I wish Shinee had more epic dance moves like… Love like Oxygen, Replay, Amigo, (Juliette wasn’t that bad, but it couldn’t match to Love like Oxygen and Replay). One thing that I liked that improved about them is that their performances are better. Their sounds are more stable and they really improved in general stage performance. They also look better, but I wish they’d retain their dance. (though their music is getting also better).

    BTW Love like oxygen, Juliette and Replay were all choreographed by Nakasone Rino, while RDD & AMigo *I think* was by the people who choreo-ed for Suju’s sorry sorry. Which explains why its differnet. SIGH. Old Shinee dance moves, come back!

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