Taeyeon is at it again

June 25, 2010

In the recent episode of Music Bank, the show did their mid-year ranking. SNSD was fortunate to win the said mid-year chart. But in Taeyeon’s thank you speech, she said, “…I hope Music Bank can provide a good environment for artists…”. Netizens have been all over this statement. Some hate it and some are just ok with it. To me, I think she shouldn’t have said that.

Taeyeon should have learned from her past mistakes already that her words can hurt. If she’s dissatisfied with what happened, why can’t she talk about it with the PD behind the camera. Or better, keep it to herself. Things like this happens. Considering the episode have every popular acts in Korea today, she should have actually be thankful that the show entrusted her with this special number.

We all know how protective SONEs are with SNSD. How does she think her fans will react to this? How will her fans react to Music Bank? She’s not a kid anymore. And although she’s disappointed, she should have just moved on. SNSD is already being treated the best among the idol groups as T-ara’s Soyeon have mentioned. Taeyeon should have just been thankful.




  1. I support Taeyeon’s choice of action. I don’t think its rude of her to talk about the problem openly to the public. Why an she point out the lack of professionalism in PD? You know she has the right to do so.

    • Why can’t she point out the lack of professionalism in PD? You know she has the right to do so.

      • I know people will react to this post but oh well. That’s life.

        It’s not about professionalism or the right of a person but the consequences that will happen.

        Fans are already attacking Music Bank because of what Taeyeon said. Yes, Music Bank have some faults, but the show is not perfect. As I said, things like that happens.

        What Taeyeon should have done is talk to the PD about the matter to make it a point not to happen again. What good will it do by telling the entire nation, the entire Kpop World, about her disappointment to the show. You seem to be a SONE. After hearing Taeyeon said that, what will you do?

        The world is not perfect and if we blame every single misfortune that happens to us, we would be in misery.

        I remember this line from Meet the Robinsons. “Keep moving forward”. That’s what she should have done.

    • Yeah but if you make a mistake you wouldn’t want someone to point it out on tv.

  2. Consequence? Pfft! You are on Music Banks’ side as much as I am on Taeyeon’s. Taeyeon can still keep moving forward after expressing her view. Besides, if you really don’t want anybody else’ opinion, then don’t post this article online.

    • I’m sorry, but I think you are misunderstanding what I’m trying to say. It’s ok for Taeyeon to have those feelings. She’s just human. Opinions are opinions. But saying that in public generated hate towards Music Bank. Get what I’m trying to say? I’m in nobody’s side. Taeyeon did wrong.

      She blew a note yes. If she didn’t took it out on The Oh! performance and the thank you speech, what do you think netizens will say? Nothing. Jessica blew a note one time too. So have Ye Eun.

      Also, Miss Ella, accdg to my dashboard, you’re also Hanna (the other one who commented on this post). Please don’t do that. It’s wrong. Don’t pretend you’re someone else to make it seem like a lot of people are in disagreement with what I’ve said. I respect your views so please respect mine as well. Not everyone will think the way you do.

      I’m trying to be careful with my words because it is SNSD and SONEs are very protective of them. But try to understand the post rather than attack the article because it criticizes SNSD.

      • Actually the netizens do always critise snsd… face it… taeyeon went out of tune once in a performance (not the recent ones) and the netizens continually bashed her…

        *netizens find any chance to critise snsd because they’re successful and popular…

        But I do agree that taeyeon should not have took ruined her Oh perf as well…

      • @jj I think Shocked Fan was implying to SNSD fans when he said “I’m trying to be careful with my words because it is SNSD and SONEs are very protective of them. But try to understand the post rather than attack the article because it criticizes SNSD.” Let’s face it. SONEs are one of the most close-minded fans when SNSD is in question.

  3. she should have talked to pd in private

  4. yeah taeyeon should learn from mistakes even lee hyori will never act like that..yes you have right to be angry..but why act like childish? (you can see she`s look so down in OH performance)while her friends jumping around with a happy crazy faces..she is a leader…snsd have won in music bank soo many times..is there no respect left to the pd? i can tell, that without snsd, taeyeon is nothing..well maybe if she have going solo i dont think she will gain sucess like what shes having now with snsd..please taeyeon change your attitude..so many bad news i heard about you and i dont want another news to make me hate the leader of snsd..please change.. where is your profesionalisme? i can categorised taeyeon now as DIVA..congratulation

  5. some fans make it seem like their idols cannpt do wrong and tries to justify everything. personally, i think Taeyeon has a right to be disappointed, and frustrated. but she didn’t try to do things better by making her performance suffer, and making a snide comment letting it show like Music bank did everything wrong.

    if she did the performance professionally even if she was frustrated, regardless of the technicalities, she wouldve done great. if she let out her frustrations thru their OH! performance, fans wouldve justified it as Taeyeon being tired and all that, and the audience will let that aside… but she let her nerves get the better of her… she couldve pulled some pD aside and tell it to them instead of putting kbs on a bad light on national television.

    what is more frustrating here is that THEY”VE RECEIVED a recognition from music bank and that’s what she gave in return. sure, fans will say, “music bank has nothing to do with it, coz the awards was from snsd’s hardwork” yes. that is true, but remember they are in a network who helps them promote themselves. plus Music Bank can give them awards that they all want. there is where they’ve received their 9 trophies for gee.. they can’t get that from inkigayo, or music core and NOT in mcountdown. do they need to add more in the list of networks who they, and SM have an issue with. i don’t think so.

  6. A little disappointed to those SONEs in allkpop. Taeyeon obviously did wrong but her fans in allkpop (some fans) kept insisting that what she did was alright. Talk about delusional fans. How can an artist improve if people won’t tell that artist what she did wrong.

    SONEs are really the most hardcore fans in the entire KPOP world. ELFs even acknowledges when SuJu makes a mistake. But SONEs are trying to manipulate the situation by saying that Taeyeon’s actions is understandable.

    For SONEs who still can’t accept the fact that Taeyeon was at fault, please be less delusional. I know you are hardcore fans of SNSD but try to understand that they are not perfect. They do make mistake. And if you don’t admit to that, then you guys are a bit pathetic.

  7. actually what taeyeon said is wrongly translated which led to a misunderstanding.
    What Taeyeon said was ‘I hope that Music Bank can provide the artist the best environment’ — this is different to ‘good’ environment… cut her some slack
    I not even a SONE… but I think that all artist deserve justice
    But I do agree on the other hand that she should just chill out and go with it… ( it’s just one mistake… everyone knows that u r a good live singer)

    • That is what’s wrong about it. It’s a mistake but some SONEs are trying to twist the truth and make it look like that MB was at fault. Yes, something awful happened, but taeyeon was out of line when she voiced out her disappointment.

      Her comment put MB in a bad light and made it seem like Music Bank sabotage Taeyeon.

      I hope those SONEs that keep on saying that Taeyeon didn’t do anything wrong will wake up and smell the truth. It’s one thing to protect their idol but it’s another thing to be delusional about them. Taeyeon did wrong. They have to accept that.

  8. You know that it is not Taeyeon’s fault at all. Like what she said, she is just saying that Music Bank needs a better environment , what is wrong? Yes I am a soshi!

    • You SNSD fans can’t really get the criticism to Taeyeon can’t you? It’s ok for her to feel the way she did but voicing out her opinion in front of her fans made people hate Music Bank. Something bad happened to her performance, but do you think Music Bank wanted that?

      Her request for a re-do wasn’t granted because of the busy schedule the Music Bank people had for that “MID-YEAR” episode. If they would have granted that, then the schedule of the episode would have been delayed.

      Also, the unprofessionalism she showd. Yes, her band performance made her feel bad and I’m not saying she shouldn’t but taking it out on the Oh! performance was uncalled for.

      Again, I ask you:
      1.) Did Music Bank wanted Taeyeon to blew a note?
      2.) Did Music Bank wated Taeyeon to feel bad?

      Taeyeon has been in the business for three years now. She should know that things like this happen. And sometimes, you don’t get what you want.

      Taeyeon is a celebrity and her words are monitored 24-7. SO what good will it do by voicing that out live? Can’t she just deal it off cam? Can’t she just talk to the PD privately about it? Look what’s happening right now. SNSD fans are cursing Music Bank. They’s attacking the show for something they didn’t want to happen. Now tell me, who’s at fault in this situation?

      Try imagining the same situation but this time it would be an artist you don’t like. Would you still be saying the same thing?

  9. SONEs are really the most delusional fans around. No wonder SNSD and their fans are hated so much by other fan clubs.

  10. Music Bank was at fault? So are they saying Music Bank wanted Taeyeon to blew a note? Come on SONEs Why blame Music Bank? They have always taken care of SNSD.

    Taeyeon is at fault. She went too far.

  11. whatever~ that only shows how #$^%$#%@%@ she is ……
    urgh she chould just told them offscreen ~ why did she puiblicly announced it.. ? so she’s really up to something or shes just ~~~~~ reallyy grr not careful of her actions and just says what she thinks idunno i hate her more because of this Q%^%T$%T

  12. I’m a sone and I think that Taeyeon shouldn’t have said that.
    she could’ve talk with the PD.

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