Super Junior performs ‘No Other’ for the first time

July 3, 2010

I’ve been really crazy with Super Junior’s “No Other” lately. Definitely, this is the best song that Super Junior has released. Well for me it is. This is the kind of songs that I really like. Slow, but heartfelt. With a dash of beats for dancing. This is something new for Super Junior. I think they’ve never done this before. I think. I’m not an ELF, so I don’t know much about them.

I really hope this song will be big. Because it’s really good. My favorite part is the first verse. The one with Ryeowook Donghae and KyuHyun singing. I really like Donghae and KyuHyun’s voice in this song. Their voices fits so well in “No Other”.

I was really excited when I heard Super Junior will be performing it in last night’s Music Bank. I really wanted to see the routine they’ve done for “No Other”. I don’t know if I expected too much, but watching it, it seemed messy. I think it lacked practice. A lot of people were a quarter of a second late or something. But saying that, I still enjoyed it. The song is that good. That’s what a good song will do.

Also, the group must have taken some happy pills. They look so happy that it makes you wonder what happened? Especially Donghae and Leeteuk. Maybe they got a bonus? Or they finally are allowed to have girlfriends?

I’ll be waiting for their next performance. I hope dance-wise it would be better. Here’s the vid of their performance.




One comment

  1. I agree. No Other’s really special. It really stands out from the rest of the boyband kpop songs.

    lol. And about SJ’s happiness? They’re always like that. 😀

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