Rookies that are here to Impress

July 4, 2010

A few days ago, I posted an article about Infinite and Sistar and how impressed I was to them. Now a new one comes along. JYP’s new protege “Miss A” has just debuted this week and I’m telling you that they can’t make their debut anymore successful than it have.

Definitely they are not idol pretty but they really know how to work the stage. And I’m glad they’re selling talent more than looks. They kinda remind me of the Wonder Girls in terms of synchronization. It’s just so fun watching them. The song isn’t really that good but I tell you, it’s worth paying to watch. Here’s their latest performance in Inkigayo of their debut song, “Bad Girl Good Girl”.

Rookies this year have been really impressing me. They are way better than most of those that debut last year. Here’s a recap of last year’s debuts. Rookies and their debut song.

2NE1 – Fire

4minute – Hot Issue

No offense to 4minute fans. From their debut to now. I think of all the established groups, 4minute has got to be the least polished. I’m thinking about writing an article just for this opinion of mine.

T-ara – Lies

f(x) – La Cha Ta

Secret – Want You Back

B2ST – Bad Girl

I think in terms of popularity, B2ST beats MBLAQ. B2ST does have better songs but MBLAQ, in my opinion, are better stage performers. Also, what contribute to B2ST success is the good looking men they have in Doo Joon, AJ (forgot the name he is using now), and Dong Woon.

MBLAQ – Oh Yeah

Sorry if I forgot to mention a group. These are the only ones that I can remember at the moment. Out of all these groups that debut last year, only 2NE1 and MBLAQ got my attention. 2NE1, for their songs and MBLAQ for their dancing.

Sistar – Push Push

Someone in the net has been calling this “the giving birth song”. It’s quite funny cause it’s true. So from now on, instead of Push Push, I’ll call the song “the giving birth song”. LOL!

Infinite – Come Back Again

The last time I saw a boy group this sync is the 2008 SHINee. Sorry, I really feel that they shouldn’t have toned down the routine of the boys to Juliette and Ring Ding Dong.

So far, Miss A along with fellow 2010 rookie groups Sistar and Infinite have gotten my attention. I’m sorry to ZE:A fans, but I was disappointed with them. There’s 9 of them to share the song. Their choreography could have been better. More explosive. To think their guys. Buffing up the routine wouldn’t have been that difficult.

I heard another boy group and another girl group is set to debut in a few weeks time. With what Sistar, Infinite and Miss A have shown, I’m excited to see how much delight the upcoming debuts will be. I mean seriously, these three groups are going somewhere. And to think this is just their debuts.





  1. how about cn blue…have they caught your attention even though they’re not dance idols…

    • I actually like C.N.Blue. I have their “Teardrops in the Rain” song in my playlist actually. But I don’t like them that much. Since I’m a dancer I appreciate dance groups more.

      Kudos to them still. I mean they did add flavor to Kpop.

  2. hey! what about AFTER SCHOOL?

    • My bad. Forgot them. After School debuted so early of 2009 that it feels like they debuted in 2008.

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