[Chart] Music Bank 2010/07/02

July 6, 2010

Last Friday’s Music Bank gave IU and Seulong a win for the song “Nagging”. I predicted incorrectly actually. I tweeted that Super Junior would win that week but they didn’t. This is the first time I got it wrong. For the past few months, I’ve noticed that those that topped the weekly charting of Hanteo eventually wins Music Bank. I still can’t access Hanteo but from what I can remember. Big Bang’s album topped that week (I can’t remember but I think it’s a concert album). 2nd is Verandah project and then the two albums of Super Junior finishes 3rd and 4th. I immediately think that SuJu wins because Big Bang and Verandah project weren’t performing.

Anyway, that’s that. Congrats to IU and Seulong. I don’t actually like the song but congrats to them still..

Digital score: 6242
Viewer preference score: 486
Album Sales: 0
Broadcasting Score: 1200
Total: 7928

Digital score: 3417
Viewer preference score: 553
Album Sales: 874
Broadcasting Score: 1535
Total: 6379

01 IU and 2AM Seulong – Nagging
02 C.N.Blue – LOVE
03 Koyote – Return
04 f(x) – NU ABO
05 Super Junior – Bonamana
06 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
07 Davichi – Stopping Time
08 Hot Potato – Confession
09 Hwayobi – Bye Bye Bye
10 Sistar – Push Push
11 4minute – HuH
12 SS501 – Love Ya
13 Navi feat. K.Will – We Really Did Love Each Other
14 MBLAQ – Y
15 TOP – Turn it Up
16 Jang Yoon Jung – Come
17 Orange Caramel – Magic Girl
18 Lyn – Honey Baby Love
19 Seo In Young – Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling
20 DECEMBER – Tears in Heaven



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