Def Dance does Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears”

July 9, 2010

I’m always looking forward to the kpop covers of wawarookie and def dance. The two are the best in the net. So far, def dance beats wawarookie in terms of accuracy. Wawarookie only covers the dance while def dance covers the entire routine. Well, that’s to be expected since Def Dance is a school. The latest cover of def dance is Wonder Girls’ 2 Different Tears.

I think these are rookies. What I love about Def Dance is their precise blocking. But in this cover, you would really notice that someone is a few step away or something. But with that still, this is the best cover of the routine by far. Maybe I’m just bias because unlike the others, there’s actually five of them dancing. Anyway, enjoy the vid. I’m really excited for their cover of Miss A and Infinite. Hope they will release it soon.




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