[Chart] Music Bank 2010/07/23

July 26, 2010

Last Friday, Miss A won their first Music Bank win with their debut song, “Bad Girl, Good Girl”. This is actually an amazing accomplishment for them. And to think it’s Music Bank. I’m not saying Music Bank is the most prestigious music show, the show is highly dependent on album sales. But that is the reason why this win is tremendous. For a rookie group, winning against Taeyang, Son Dambi, and Super Junior, that’s no easy task. But the girls of Miss A were able to do it. And they won with their debut song. The only ones in recent memory who were able to do so are C.N.Blue and 2NE1.

I’m really amaze in JYP’s ability to produce talented groups. I mean, so far he has not missed. All groups he debut have been warmly receive. g.o.d, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, and now Miss A. Though Miss A just debut you can really feel that they’re going somewhere. In a sense, Miss A is the combination of JYP’s previous groups. g.od’s stage presence, Wonder Girls’ synchronization, 2AM’s vocal stability, and 2PM’s fierceness. All mashed up in one group.

I’m just really amaze with JYP. I think he’s the best producer so far. Though SM Entertainment have the largest annual income, the company have produced a lot of failed groups. M.I.L.K for example. I don’t know much about YG, as far as I know, Big Bang and 2NE1 are the only groups that the company debuted. So right now, JYP is the guy to beat. That’s 5 successful groups in a row. 5:0 if you wanna call it.

Bad Girl Good Girl
Digital score: 7106
Viewer preference score: 677
Album Sales: 624
Broadcasting Score: 957
Total: 9364

I Need A Girl
Digital score: 3045
Viewer preference score: 495
Album Sales: 2655
Broadcasting Score: 1521
Total: 7716

01 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
02 Taeyang – I Need A Girl
03 Son Dambi – Queen
04 IU and 2AM Seulong – Nagging
05 MC Mong – Sick Enough to Die
06 Narsha – 삐리빠빠
07 Sistar – Push Push
08 Super Junior – No Other
09 Baek Ji Young – Over Time
10 4minute – I My Me Mine
11 Jang Yoon Jung – Come
12 Supreme Team – Dang Dang Dang
13 C.N.Blue – LOVE
14 Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears
15 Hot Potato – Confession
16 One Two – Very Good
17 Lee Seung Chul – No Such People
18 Young Gun – I Have to Let You Go
19 Son Dambi – Can’t U See
20 Kan Mi Yeon feat. MBLAQ Mir – Crazy





  1. 2ne1 did not win music bank for fire tho, since that’s only a digital release. they did with i don’t care tho, 5 times..

    congrats to Miss A.! i mean against super junior? in album sales? that’s something

  2. 2ne1 didn’t win for Fire, but for i don’t care!
    so i think Miss A is truly amazing

  3. Yes, they didn’t win in Music Bank but they did win in Inkigayo. That’s what I was talking about. Rookies winning award with their debut songs.

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