Heroes, might be a hit

August 2, 2010

My friend introduced to me to “Heroes” yesterday. Actually, forced me to watch. I was already familiar with the show but never really got interested to it. I saw the two sub episodes that are out and I have to say that I was really entertained. Still don’t get the premise but as I said, I was entertained. The show features 12 women as cast with 2 guys as the main MC. I know what you are thinking. 12 is too much. But the group was divided into two that didn’t make it seem too much. For the first two weeks.

The group was divided into popular and not popular. The division was pre-determined by asking a number of people. Here are the teams.

Popular Team:
Jiyeon (T-ara)
Nicole (Kara)
Seo In Young
Shin Bongsun
Yoo In Na

Unpopular Team:
Gahee (After School)
Jung Ga Eun
Lee Jin (Fin.K.L)
Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)
Noh Sa Yeon
Hong Soo Ah

As I said as I was entertained though I don’t understand the concept much. I honestly think that there’s future for the show. For one thing, it didn’t relied too much on the variety skills of Seo In Young, Shin Bongsun and Narsha and that’s saying a lot. Kudos to the PD for actually spreading the show to 12 people. No one actually stood out and no one was left out in the editing unlike Invincible Youth and Family Outing 2.

Right now I’m fascinated with Jung Ga Eun, Noh Sa Yeon, Hong Soo Ah, and Yoo In Na. I like them. I think I’m a fan now of the show. For those who haven’t seen the show, here are the links for episode 1 and episode 2.

Episode 1: link
Episode 2: link



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