August 4, 2010

I entered myself to an internship program. I started last week actually. And because of that, I don’t think I will have time to be active in this blog. I definitely will try to keep posting the Music Bank weekly chart but for the online charts, I don’t think I can keep writing it.

Writing the online charts take 30-60 minutes of my life. There’s a lot of effort in writing those charts. You have to take in consideration the translation, date etc. Though I can understand the Hangul title, I might mis-translate. Meaning, there might be a widely used translation. And as I said, that takes a lot of time. Time I can’t afford to lose nowadays.

I’ll keep blogging though. Blogging is easy. I just type whatever is on my mind and it usually takes me 5-10 minutes to blog. A lot of people come to know about this blog because of the online charts I’m posting and also the links in my blogroll. I will try my best to give you updated links to the charts, artists’ twitter, etc. Also, I maybe discontinuing the weekly online charts but I might try to post again monthly charts. Maybe.

Anyway, I thank you those who keep visiting my blog. I really feel honored that people actually take time to visit shockedfan.wordpress.com. This blog is something that I’m really proud of.



  1. I enjoy reading your blog, & will continue to drop by. Thanks for all the updates you have done, & good luck in your career!

  2. super enjoy following this blog…and good luck

  3. awww i will miss those charts… and you xD

  4. I’m not going anywhere. I’m just discontinuing the online charts. LOL. But let’s see where life will take me in a few months. Nothing lasts forever.

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