Daniel Gauss, what are you doing?

August 8, 2010

It seems like Daniel Gauss VS JYP isn’t going to die down. Daniel Gauss recently sent an email of defense against JYPE to a journalist. If you haven’t read it. Here’s the link. But I’m warning you, reading it will be a road trip. It’s extremely long. I think a lot of people didn’t even finished it.

Here’s my two cents. I have always been open with people’s opinions. The world is the way it is now because people are diverse. But I think the e-mail was more of a rant. Well for me it is. He attacked JYP and some of the members with some baseless accusations though he did made some valid point about JYP’s mishandling of the girls. But we all know that already. KPOP has always been like that. If you’ll remember, SECRET once lived in a basement.

What I really don’t understand is why? What’s his intent of writing this again? To save his reputation? For revenge? He’s just making himself look bad though. I mean the issue have died down. No one is angry at him for his previous letter against JYPE. No one actually cares about it anymore. But writing this again, it does seem like he’s butthurt or something. I can’t help but think that maybe he has some agenda. If you’ll remember, the first issue with him came out at the time when the Wonder Girls were preparing to comeback with “2 Different Tears”.

I’m not being bias because it’s the WG. If this happen to SNSD, I think I would say the same thing. I mean he should move on. I mean it’s been months already. Is he gonna take this issue till the day he die? The issue was already over. Well, it was over until this came along.

Going back to his letter. He wrote a lot but said so little. You have to read the entire article to understand what I mean. One piece of advise, and this goes to everyone. If you want to say something, say it directly. It was really a struggle to read the article.



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  2. I agree.

    But real life is messy. It’s only with a lawyer or a paid editor that you get good direct communication with most writers/talkers. Talk to any trial lawyer. Anyone who got really hurt or was once really invested in something wants to talk forever for a sense of vindication (though some of them do it, of course, for money and attention.

    So, even though this guy may not really get that his audience wants things shorter, ….whether what he’s saying is real is another matter that should be weighted separately.

  3. I am the person about whom you are writing. I am trying to convey, as directly as I can, that I did not give permission to the Singapore website to print anything. They did not even verify that the material was mine and did not inform me it was going up. This is unethical.

    Furthermore, this posting states that I made unfounded allegations. Everything I said was true.

    • If you are indeed David, I thank and applaud you for the letter. It was an act of enormous courage. I’m sure many people out there believe you; after all, it’s not the first time these slave companies have been brought to light. As for JYP, I highly doubt they have any cause for action against you (I’m a law student). Their empty threats will not be recognised in court.

      To blog owner: just because it’s “standard practice” in Korea, doesn’t mean it’s lawful or even justifiable in the United States. I think David was speaking up for himself; as an individual he could only retaliate using letters and the internet. Or would you expect him to have an army of lawyers & PR representatives like JYP does? Some people out there do have values and ideas, what would you know about standing up for one’s values? Teenyboppers like you simply lap up everything the JYP PRs have to offer, it’s about time to develop some evaluation skills.

      • Hey hotshot. Sorry ass of a law student you must be, to join in with sweeping statements when you’re really preaching cultural chauvinism. Firstly, those ‘slave contracts’ were not illegal until the Korean lawmakers decided to outlaw them, & in any case the clampdown was targeted mostly at SM Town (not JYP or YG, whom KFTC allowed to keep their exclusivity deals).
        Like it or not, the minimum working age in Korea is 15, with working hours pegged at 42 per week between ages 16 & 18. It’s the parents who sign the contracts on behalf of their children. Whether as trainees or popstars, the teen idols continue studying for high-school diplomas & even at the university level. Their academic feats still tops the normal US student crop’s.
        JYPE has also effortlessly explained away the US charges as bureaucratic transgressions, which Gauss was apparently not happy about. He found a gullible platform to rant away again & make personal attacks this time; thankfully the duped newspaper realized the sham & has withdrawn the article. Didn’t stop our hypocritical ex-tutor from namedropping WG in his Craiglist job ads, though.

  4. I am Daniel Gauss. I am writing to inform you that when my name is “googled” your link appears toward the top of the list. I am also pointing out to you, again, that the information you are displaying about me is 100% FALSE. I did not write to the journalist in question and you cetrainly know this. Indeed, when a person clicks on the link you provide, the person can see that FALSE and DEFAMATORY information about me was published by that web site and the web site was forced to remove what it should never have displayed in the first place.

    You deliberately make matters worse by presenting false statements about me. For instance, someone claims that a “duped newspaper” withdrew information. No newspaper withdrew information. A website was forced to withdraw claims through my intercession because THEIR information was inaccurate. If you have a sense of integrity and honor I would ask you to please do the same thing.

    I would also like to point out that at no time did I make baseless accusations and it is wrong for you to attack me in this manner.

    I feel you are acting in a completely irresponsible manner by continuing to present this information. I am again asking you to do the right thing by removing it. i am not making any legal threats, I am asking you as a human being to do the right thing and please remove a posting that is based on material that the web site itself removed.

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