기억을 걷는 시간

August 15, 2010

You might be wondering what’s with the title. If you don’t know Hangul, it means “Time Walking In Memories”. It’s a song by Nell.

I was searching for Infinite videos this afternoon. If you follow my post you’ll know that Infinite is the new group that got my attention. I honestly think they have the potential to shine. Anyway, I saw this video by Kim Sung Gyu (the leader) in wordpress. Check it out.

The song is really beautiful. As well as the message though I couldn’t understand parts of it. I know Hangul but my vocabulary is very limited. But still, I felt it. This is the kind of songs that I really like. Songs that are soothing to the ear.

Listening to this song and writing the Gaon chart for July made me wonder why there are not much songs like this in music shows. It made me wonder where Kpop is going now. And it hit me, idols. Nothing against idols but too much is too much. There’s too many already. To be honest, some of them doesn’t even deserve to debut. No offense.

I got into Kpop in mid-2008 because of Wonder Girls “So Hot”. That year, the only groups that were around are the Wonder Girls, Big Bang, and DBSK. Well, these are the group that were successful in 2009. The rest were solo singers like Lee Hyori, Rain, Baek Ji Young, Kim Jong Kook and MC Mong. What was nice in Kpop that year was the music was varied. You have dance, ballad, rock, etc. but now, its idol-centered. What are the songs the became a hit this year so far? All idol groups. Its starting to feel stale. You know what I mean? It feels like the same people but different faces.

I can’t blame companies for going the idol road because it is the most profitable right now. But I hope someone, some company would take the risk and do something different. Honestly, I’m bored. Since the start of the year it has been the same music over and over and over again. I thought Rain and Hyori could change that but they weren’t able to. Thank God C.N.Blue debuted. That spice up Kpop.

If you notice, idol groups are debuting left and right. And as I said, some needs more training. I’ll be frank, I think every rookie that debuted this year (with the exception of C.N.Blue, Sistar, Infinite, Miss A, and Teen Top) should be trained more. Maybe they should debut next year. 2011 might be the year for them.

I’m hoping that the not so polished groups won’t receive any love. Sounds harsh but maybe, just maybe company will stop investing in mediocre talents.

I hope se7en and BoA will continue to do well.



One comment

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    I remember when idol groups were “small” and the companies put alot of effort and waiting for the right time to debut them.
    Tbh, companies are wasting their time, all of the groups that debuted are the least bit memorable.
    Out of the rookies, I liked G.NA, miss A, Infinite, CNBLUE this year.
    Also, D-NA&ZE:A, but their songs don’t really have the “it” quality yet.
    I’m actually tired of hearing “new rookie group” every week. The companies should wait, we have too many groups atm. ):

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