SONEs: fans so unique

August 20, 2010

I just have to blog this. I was reading allkpop last night and I stumbled the article on SNSD Sooyoung. It was about plastic surgery. Here’s a pic of Sooyoung that made netizens call out surgery.

To be honest, I think there something different. Not just the hair but on her face. And I do think it might be surgery. And there’s nothing wrong about that. What’s the big deal. But Sooyoung fans are going all out in allkpop. Seriously it was just so nasty. I mean if you read the comments, Sooyoung defenders are the one doing all the curses. Like “fuck you” here and there. And “are you stupid?” and sarcastic comments are the ones I saw the most.

What’s really sad is that they closed out any possibility that she did had surgery and that it’s not her character to undergo surgery. And if some kpop fans comment on her looking differently, they’re calling out antis. Seriously, close-minded much. These are opinions. It doesn’t mean that they are true.

Also, I’ve read a lot that they were disappointed in allkpop for even writing it. I was like, “ok, freedom of speech anyone?” Its their website, they can write anything on it. If people don’t like what they write then don’t visit the site.

I’m not trying to generalize SONEs as a whole but you have to admit that most SNSD fans are so delusional. Its like SNSD can do no wrong. The Taeyeon-Music Bank for example. Whatever angle you look at it, Taeyeon was at fault. Music Bank might have done something wrong but it wasn’t intentional, what Taeyeon did was intentional. But SONEs were acting like Music Bank just did the most gruesome crime.

This is just so overwhelming. If some SONEs keep this up, they will definitely make enemies for SNSD. Its one thing to defend SNSD against those who wish them harm, its another to attack people who are just stating their opinions.




  1. some sones are trying to justify everything with their petty excuses. seriously. they need to live outside SNSD’s world. and realize that they are not perfect and that world doesn’t revolve around them.

    it pains me to see and hear this, because although i am not a fan of SNSD as a group, i have a particular liking to Sooyoung and I see the difference from then and now. what? are the sones afraid that people might turn their backs on SNSD if people finds out they’ve gotten something done to their faces? if that so, then them “fans” are not fans to begin with if all they look out is their physical appearances. maybe i am assuming too much, but whenever i open up news on SNSD, all read most of the time is “they are so pretty” , “they are Hot and sexy” blah blah. rarely you will see it as something along the lines of them being very good performers. they are singers first and foremost, isn’t the talent more important than looks.?

    some SONEs have gotten worse as the time went on.

    sorry if i have offended the sane SNSD fans, but this is how i saw it.

    and if you will attack SHOCKED FAN because of her opinion on HER blog, then get lost. and find somewhere else where you can glorify SNSD with all your might.

  2. I definitely agree with the author of this article! SONES are way too protective of their plastics. Even up to the point to say most of them never had plastic surgery. Talk about being in denial.

  3. I’m not really that surprised. SONE are just pathetic fans. Not all of them of course. Its just that most of them are just so irritating. I mean, SNSD are like gods to them. They are perfect, the best at everything. I mean come on. Seriously? We all know that their face is the reason they’re on top. Their talents are mediocre.

  4. hey actually not only her
    i npticed TIFFANY’s face change a lot after her comeback on musicbank the one where she mc with yuri;;
    i dunno something with her eyes / nose I SWEAR IM 10000000% SURE!!! urgh

  5. I think one or two members of snsd did get surgery, but not all of them. Jessica, Yoona, and Taeyeon look the same to me as when they were younger (just grew up, wear makeup, and have better hair styles now). And I’m not being delusional! I mean I have nothing against snsd, but I’m not a sone or anything…

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