Big Bang does H.O.T’s “Candy”

September 3, 2010

Just wanna share this. A friend of mine introduced to me H.O.T.’s song, “Candy”. And I cannot get the song out of my head. I watched a lot of “Candy” vids then but I kinda got tired of it. All of the H.O.T. vids I found of the song are lip sync. And you guys know that I’m not much of a fan of lip sync performance. I never really get the idea. They’re singers. They’re paid to sing. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, I found this vid of Big Bang doing “Candy”. I think this is the only youtube vid of the song that is sang live. This is what I really missed about Kpop back then. I mean in 2008. All of the special stage nowadays are lip sync. Remember the Music Bank special episode. Anyway, here’s the vid. Enjoy. I really like Taeyang/Kangta’s parts. Especially the pre-chorus.

머리 위로 비친 내 하늘 바라다보며
널 향한 마음을 이제는 굳혔지만
왠일인지 네게 더 다가갈수록
우린 같은 하늘을 아래서 있었지



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