Netizens to Tablo: Let the games begin

September 4, 2010

Allkpop just reported that netizens will be suing Tablo for falsification of documents. I think this is about the netizens claim that Tablo lied about his Stanford degree. Honestly, the netizens who sued are beyond insane. First of all, its Stanford. This issue with Tablo and Stanford have gone out of hand. And I do think the Stanford people have heard of the news. And if Tablo did lie, I honestly think Stanford would have done something by now. If it was a low-class university, it might be easy to get away with. But its Stanford. It’s an ivy-league school.

I give my all out support to Tablo. I know he will win in court. I just feel really sad for those netizen. Have a life much? They’re definitely anti-fan. I mean to go to this length, they must really hate Tablo. Anyway, this whole thing is starting to feel like a TV show. Wonder what will happen next.


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