Fall Viewing Recommendation

September 8, 2010

September is her once again. The leaves, the cold will soon come knocking on our days. But will can watch all these changes on the comfort of our bedrooms. Here are some shows that I highly recommend.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Another gender bender show that will delight the ladies who are like to see guys to guys scenes. Not sexually of course. Before the show started, a lot of buzz has already been made for this show. I even read that Japanese companies are competing to get the rights for the drama because DBSK’s Yoochun is the lead. I decided to check it out and I find myself liking it.

The show didn’t took me as fast like Boys Over Flower and You’re Beautiful did, but I think most people will enjoy the story. The story is very much cliche like every single drama out their but I like it. I think one of the charms of the show is that the period is in ancient Korea.

Running Man

I really didn’t have that much to do at the end of August, so I started watching shows. And Yoo Jaesuk’s Running Man is the variety show that took my fascination the most. I’m very competitive and I like the idea of the show. I just don’t know if Koreans do. This show doesn’t really in the alley of variety shows that stayed long on air. I hope they will keep it at least by the end of the year.


I find this show refreshing. I prefer Running Man over Heroes though. I think this show can be a potential hit. As I wrote a few posts back. This show has the potential to be as great as the first season of Family Outing. What made Family Outing a success is because of the interaction and the genuine relationship the were built throughout the episode. Its too bad that family Outing Season 2 ruined that.

Anyway, these are these are the show that I’m following now. If you are into something right now, please tell me. There will be days that I need some refreshment after a long day of work.


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