[Chart] Music Bank 2010/09/03

September 13, 2010

Sorry for the late post. Better late than never as they say. 2am must really be happy right now. Jo Kwon, Seulong and now Changmin have all won in Music Bank as well as the most prestigious online chart, “Cyworld”. I wonder what Jinwoon is thinking right. All three of his hyungs have had success in their solo endeavors. Wonder if Jinwoon would also gain some success if he also decides to do a solo project. Anyway, congrats to Homme.

I Was Able to Eat Well
Digital score: 5970
Viewer preference score: 621
Album Sales: 0
Broadcasting Score: 1412
Total: 8003

I’m A Guy Like This
Digital score: 4054
Viewer preference score: 1010
Album Sales: 771
Broadcasting Score: 1066
Total: 6901

01 Homme (Changmin & Lee Hyun) – I Was Able to Eat Well
02 DJ Doc – I’m A Guy Like This
03 Supernova – Longing For the Day
04 Lee Seung Chul – No Such People
05 BoA – Hurricane Venus
06 Secret – Madonna
07 SHINee – Lucifer
08 Taeyang – I’ll Be There
09 Eru – White Tears
10 FT Island – Love Love Love
11 Lee Seun Gi – Losing My Mind
12 남격밴드 – I Love You I Love You
13 Davichi – From Me To You
14 Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl
15 Rainbow – A
16 Jo Sung Mo – I Want to Cheat
17 Seo In Kook – My Baby U
18 Zia – Laughter
19 Park Hyo Shin – I Love You
20 Sistar – Shady Girl



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