Taecyeon plans to ditch military service?

September 26, 2010

I know this topic is sensitive to some Hottest, even more to Korean Hottest. Koreans are one of the most prideful race. Like the Japanese, they value honor tremendously. That’s why Korea has a very high suicide rate. They honor duties, traditions and love for country so much.

Service to the military is one of the most sensitive topic in the country. After Tablo and MC Mong, a new scandal is looming in the person of 2PM Taecyeon. According to recent reports, the physical examination of Taecyeon has shown that he is unable to perform in the battlefield thus the only option left for him in the military is public service. Netizens have argue that with Taecyeon’s physique, he should be eligible to participate in the battlefield. Some pro Taecyeon fought back by stating various reasons.

Here’s my opinion on this. I think Taecyeon is in trouble. The Tablo and MC Mong is intangibles. Its hard to prove that Tablo and MC Mong have lied. But to Taecyeon, the evidences are staring us in the face. Here’s my unbias opinion. I don’t think he should just be doing public service. Koyote’s Kim Jong Min is relatively weaker than Taecyeon but the first served the army to its full.

I’m not a fan of Taecyeon so I don’t know much, but from what has been released, I do think something is up. So if Taecyeon will just do public service in the military, he should prepare everything and I mean everything that can and will support his claim that he is unfit in the battlefield.

Some note, I thought Taecyeon was an American citizen already? Maybe he’s trying to do what Shinhwa’s Andy did. He throw away his foreign citizenship to serve the Korean Army. Andy Lee actually got my respect when he did this.




  1. like what Junho said, it’s a foolish decision to believe on what you only see.being fit physically doesn’t mean you don’t have any illness or defect. i have a friend who is physically fit and was even the best in sports in our school but when he applied for a job-something that deals with traveling, the company rejected him because it was found out in his physical examination that there was a tiny hole in his heart. my mom who was very energetic and healthy outside was diagnosed with internal disease. later on we found out it’s a terminal case already and 2 months after, she passed away..
    in taecyeon’s case, he isn’t an american citizen but does have american resident and thus he is obliged to serve in the military.hats off to him for actually going to the test. the fact that he complied with the examinations somehow says that he’s not ditching the military. netizens just want to create fire and writers then love to exaggerate much…
    we don’t know what happened between Taecyeon and the military but for the latter to give the former a level 4 result, they must have found a defect. prolly his bad vision..

    so much hate for 2PM lately, noh?

  2. [quote]I’m not a fan of Taecyeon so I don’t know much[/quote]

    I think you said it well yourself. You don’t know much. I’m a fan and even I don’t know much. His medical record is his private business. For all you and I know, he could have some type of immunodeficiency or a plethora of other disorders that aren’t outwardly visible.

    Also, this information isn’t reason. It began surfacing during the height of the 2PM backlash. The whole ‘skipping out on the military’ connotation can be attributed to this.

    His medical review, that was done by government officials, merely stated that his health makes him unfit for active military duty. That physical examination/medical review was done a couple years back, before he beefed up to the healthy physique he has now. So he may have been unhealthy then or he may be suffering from a ongoing condition.

    Regardless of /why/ he received such a judgment, perhaps he isn’t the person you need to be pointing the finger at. If there is something fishy with his medical review, the government officials that allowed any tampering are just as responsible, if not more so.

    tl;dr: We don’t know enough to judge and operating on the tried and true principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, we should wait for more information and always think about everything critically.

    • Whoops Typo

      *This information isn’t *recent*

  3. Guys, chill. I’m not hating nor attacking Taecyeon. I’m neither a fan nor a anti-fan. What I’m trying to say is the obvious. taecyeon is a healthy looking man and the fact that he received public service is kinda odd. Yes, it is a possibility that there’s some deep reason to it. But the obvious reaction is, “He is a healthy young man. He did well in that Chuseok event. Why would he just get public service.” If this happens to someone else, Wouldn’t you think the same way?

  4. I’m not a 2pm fan, in fact I’m sick of seeing Taecyeon and Nichkhun everywhere, but I have to disagree with you on this. Look at MC Mong who is perfectly healthy on the outside, yet he got completely exempt (for now at least) just because some of his teeth are missing. Taecyeon could have a slight internal issue that allows him to do public service even though he may be capably fit of doing much more

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