Shocked Fan says hello

October 16, 2010

As you have noticed, I haven’t really been active in this blog. I’ve been really busy lately and I don’t think I can continue this blog. At the very most, I can only be active in this blog until December. I think its time to move on. Kpop was supposed to be just something to pass the time. But it took a lot from me. My career has nothing to do with Kpop or music for that matter.

Anyway, before I permanently leave, I will post more than I have. I’ll be more tactless and less careful with my words since I’m leaving soon. I wanna enjoy this feeling of blogging as much as I can. Wait for my farewell post, that will signify that I truly left Kpop. Thanks a lot to those who have followed me since the beginning. A give you my gratitude.

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