10 Most Talented Idol Groups

October 20, 2010

Since this blog is gonna end by the end of the year, I decided to have a farewell project. On my 100th day, I did the 10 Most Talented Idol. Now, I’m gonna be gutsy and brave and do the 10 Most Talented Idol Groups. I know this would be controversial but I think it would be worthwhile. I nice taste before I permanently move on from Kpop.

Leave me your comments. I’ll start posting the 10th Most talented Idols on December.



  1. am anticipating!!

    btw, I’m sad to see u leave the kpop world..

    • Thank you for supporting this blog. But I think I have to leave. We all have to leave sooner or later. Especially people whose careers or would-be-careers don’t actually involve music. It was fun while it lasted.

      I’m gonna do a farewell post. My last post. Hope you’ll find time to read it.

  2. i’ll be sad that you had to go away (eh eh eh eh)…

    anyway here’s my top 10

    1. dbsk (no im not a fan, they’re just damn talented)
    2. bigbang (duh!!!)
    3. 2ne1 (a big DUH!!!!)
    4. shinee
    5. 2am
    6. ft island
    7. BEG
    8. Miss a
    9. CN blue
    10. davichi

  3. hope you can compile all the list of idols you’re planning to include so i can edit my top 10

  4. It depends who you are counting? currently active groups only or even including disbanded groups?

    I’d say BEG/Secret for the girl groups.

  5. i choose SS501 and KARA for the most talented idol groups.. 🙂

  6. my favorites:
    1. BIG BANG
    2. 2NE1
    3. DBSK

  7. In RANDOM order
    1. DBSK ( They are good )
    2. SNSD ( I admit I am fan and trying not to be so biased here :p but imo, they r cable of pulling whatever they try to do. Eventhough not so excellent in one thing, but able to do many things )
    3. BEG
    4&5(&probably 6). Davichi, T-Ara ( Seeya ) ( Damn good vocals, Davichi is the best, Seeya next if you still consider them idols, in T-ara, Boram and the maknae are… uhm )
    7. SS501 ( Same as SNSD,except I am not a fan )
    8. 2AM
    9. 2NE1 ( Honestly I dont listen to their songs but its true that they are talented, its just that I am not so keen on hip hop and fierce style of them )
    10. Bigbang ( Again, same as 2NE1 )
    11,12: Shinee and FT Islands ( Although I think they need more than what they are having now)
    13. CNBlue ( I read an articile somewhere saying that they are the worst and I have to say that I kinda agree. CNBlue is first supposed to be a group playing rock and yeah, their rock sucks but when they come to pop and playing instruments its a new thing )
    14. CSJH ( Miss them a lot 😦 )

    And if possible, please please dont take these ones into top 10 :(( ( sorry if I offense anyone but they are big no to me )
    1. 2PM&WG ( 2PM you know why and WG is famous but I dont see anything in them, they only have good songs composed for them and good marketing strategy, Yoobin is the only one I think talented here )
    2. Miss A ( one example of stupid songs getting high popularity )

    • LMAO.. seriously this made me laugh… what’s with ‘2pm you know why’? coz i dunno why.. XDDDDD

  8. nooooooooooo you were one of the honest guys concerning kpop in the internetz… =(
    sad to see you go…. =(
    oh and G.O.D better be on the top 10 xD

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