SNSD lipsyncs again

October 20, 2010

After weeks of missing in action, I finally have time to post some articles in this blog. I went to allkpopp a few minutes ago and saw this article on SNSD lip-syncing. I don’t want to rewrite what the article said so here’s a link to that allkpop article.

Since I’ll be bidding goodbye to Kpop in a few months, I’ll start to be brutally honest in my posts for now on. My two cents, what the hell was that. I would have to go against SNSD here. I mean its a concert. People pay a lot to get into concerts. This is not something to joke about. Yes they sang a lot in the concert but they shouldn’t have sang that much if they are just gonna deliver a mediocre performance.

I’m not a hater just for your information. I’m not a fan of SNSD but I don’t hate them. Just saying the truth. This is something people should take seriously. SNSD packaged themselves as singers. And they lipsync in a concert. A paid CONCERT. That says it all.





  1. Super Junior lipsynch on their tour too, it’s not only SNSD. The Taiwanese Media is also over exaggerating things.

    Their schedule has been insane these few weeks. I can forgive them for lipsynching 3 out of 30 songs. They had concerts back to back, they’re massively overworked. Yes lipsynching is bad, I do agree on that but considering their schedule and all, I can forgive them this once.

    Yes I may sound like I am defending a bit too much, but I feel what you said is extremely harsh considering you don’t even know what they’ve been up to.

    • Take a second and read what you just wrote.

      “They had concerts back to back, they’re massively overworked.”

      If they can’t do it properly then don’t do it at all. I’m not familiar with SuJu lipsyncing so let’s not bring that here. The topic is SNSD lipsyncing a CONCERT.

      I have a hard time dealing with this actually. It’s a CONCERT for god sake. I’m making it a big deal because it is a big deal. Come on. A CONCERT being lipsync. I would let it pass if it is some music show or televised performance, but a CONCERT. I don’t know about that.

      I’m sorry, there must be a problem with you if you think it’s ok to lipsync to a PERFORMANCE on a CONCERT.

      I apologize if I’m starting to sound like a broken record. I just can’t believe it. A CONCERT???

      • A concert, yes. Sure, but honestly, they sang over 20+ songs, more than what most Western singers do for their concerts. And 90% of it was LIVE. LIVE. I honestly feel 3 songs lipsynched is okay, it’s not like they lipsynched throughout the whole concert.

        Taiwanese media are overexaggerating, they’ve been known to do this.

        But sorry I’m not gonna take Super Junior out of this. They lipsynch too (for around the same number of performances) but it’s never overblown to such extent by media. Is there some sort of double standard? Where SNSD should be the only KPop group criticized for lipsynching when a lot of groups out there do so too?

        I very much dislike how you say there MUST be a problem with me when I say I’m fine with a lipsynch to a performance to a concert. You know, people have differing opinions. I’m very much satisfied if I have heard over 20 songs live. 3 songs lipsynched may be disappointing yes.

        None of us attended the concert any way so I don’t think we actually should be criticizing them. As long as the people who attended the concert are satisfied, who are we to complain? We didn’t buy tickets to go attend it.

      • When I say that I’m taking out SuJu out of the topic, I meant that I don’t know if SuJu lipsync or not. But I do know SNSD lipsync a CONCERT. Maybe you’re ok with a lipsync CONCERT, but I’m not.

        Let’s just leave it with that. You’re okay with a lipsync CONCERT but I’m not. I’ve been to an USHER, Celine Dion, and Madonna concert. And those tickets are so expensive. It cost really a lot. And when I heard that SNSD lipsync a CONCERT, it just didn’t go well with me. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it. They’re singers for god sake. I know I can’t change your view and you can’t change my view as well.

        A CONCERT is a CONCERT. I’m sorry. You say other KPOP do it too in CONCERTS but I’m not familiar with that and I’m not gonna take your word.

        What I do know is that SNSD lipsyncs a CONCERT. I blame SM. Their songs are not that even hard. I’m sorry just my two-cents.

      • People who attended Suju’s tour have confirmed that they do lipsync for certain songs. It’s not hard to find. Just because the media doesn’t report it, it’s not reliable?

        I’m sorry you’re being very narrow minded on this issue. Someone else even posted an account from their friend who was actually there at the concert and you’re disregarding it.

        I respect your opinion and agree that your opinion is definitely valid but you do come off as a hater even though you say you aren’t.

        I’ll just leave it here since you also want to leave it as it is. I do like your blog though but this is an article I feel you’ve written with a heavily biased perspective.

      • Sorry if I come off as a hater. I’m not being narrow-minded either. I just really have little respect on lipsyncing. Just my opinion. Its just that they’re singers. If they can’t do it, then don’t do it at all. They’re paid to sing. Well, again just my opinion.

  2. just an fyi, I had a friend who went to the concert and she said they only lipsynched 5 songs max – mostly the openers and a few beat heavy ones. I watched some fancams and verified this as well – AKP isn’t exactly perfect with their reporting.

    • Again, 2nd degree information. Unless you can give me proof of an established artist lipsynching on their concert, I would have to rely on what I know. All the concerts I’ve gone to have singers singing live.

      • I’m sure you’ve probably already read the new AKP article with the statement by SM that confirms my previous claim. SM artists and concerts are all partially lipsynched (including Super Junior, DBSK, SM Town for the groups, not solo artists). I’m not justifying lipsynching in any way, but simply clarifying the false belief that they lipsynched the entire concert.

  3. i kinda understand the need to lipsync because they sang, how many? 30 songs? but as singers, shouldn’t they know that they should sing live?. and if as to what extent their voice can go over?

    i’m not blaming snsd entirely for this, but rather the management as some of you claim that they are tired, blah blah and all. they shouldve not let snsd get too tired then, if they know they have a MAJOR concert to go to. THEY OWE IT TO THE fans who bought tickets,payed, and sacrificed to see the concert. they owe it to the fans who buy their cd’s and support them, and to see them perform LIVE.

    anyway, yeah. i half blame the management. curse you SM for forcing “hard labor” to your artist. give them a break. and now, after their japan promotions they’ll be coming back, with what? their 3rd for the year. give the girls some slack. no wonder they cant sing an entire concert live.

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