SNSD vs 2NE1 vs 2AM this Halloween?

October 21, 2010

I heard that 2NE1 will be coming back again this November. From what I can understand they will go against SNSD. To be honest, I don’t know if 2NE1 can compete. I mean I was told that their next song will be something they already released on their latest album. If that’s the case, I don’t think it would do that well. People who bought the CD already heard the song.

Also, 2AM is coming back as well. 2AM has made such an impact this year. It may not be visible in album sales but if you go online, 2AM songs this year have been successful. Yes, SNSD won more show awards but Oh! won that because of album sales. We all know how much Music Bank rely on album sales.

Nothing against 2NE1, but I think its gonna be 2AM vs SNSD this Halloween with SNSD dominating the album sales while 2AM dominating cyberspace. Well, unless 2NE1 comes out with a NEW SONG. That will spell the difference.




  1. I’m with you on this..

    It’s gonna be 2AM VS SNSD..

    If really 2NE1 gonna release new song..
    still I kinda doubt it because they’ve to go through 2AM..
    and SNSD really pawns the album sales..

    But who knows.. we’ll see how they gonna fare..

    but just for the record, my vote goes to SNSD..

    • Yeah, I think SNSD will win more music shows because of the album sales thing. We all know that SONEs buy 3-5 albums a week. But I think 2AM will be more popular. I heard the teasers in allkpop and I do love it.

      2AM kinda reminds me of g.o.d. I mean g.o.d was really banking on talent. Son Ho Young’s look was just an added flavor. Well, Jinwoon and Seulong actually looks good too.

    • i love SNSD

  2. with 2ne1, it will never be a competition. 2am and snsd are “coming back”. fans will be eager to eat up everything. they have saved up plentiful and pockets recharged, whereas for 2ne1, as a follow up, hell, i havent even recovered from downloading, streaming and buying album. i’m incredibly broke. =.=

    it’s not proper to even pit a follow up promotion to a comeback (with new album, and all).

    and with the new news releases, it seems the follow up song inclines to a new song that is not on to anyone album. hence, if we are to talk about awards (which is in korean entertainmnet, the scale of success) then 2ne1 will miles, fall short, as they cannot win Music bank and mnet.

    so i agree, it will be between 2am and snsd. bet will go to snsd for the album sales,digital sales will go to 2am + ringtone

    • i heard that it was a new song, and i agree that it will be snsd vs 2am, unless 2ne1 releases a repackaged album, kinda like how shinee did this october…snsd will rule album sales, while 2am will rule online, unless again 2ne1 releases an auto-tune free songs, then they might blew the competition…i think what hurts them most during their comeback (though their comeback is fabulous as hell but not as explosive as the”i don’t care” day) is the auto-tune they used on the songs…like how go away would be much more epic without it..

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