10 Most Popular Kpop Artist in Youtube

October 22, 2010

I went to Youtube to watch some Kpop vids for my farewell project when I suddenly thought of looking for the most popular Kpop Vids on Youtube. Here are the 10 Most Popular Artist according to Youtube. I just took the most viewed from each artist.

01.) Wonder Girls – Nobody (41,739,921 views)
02.) SNSD – Gee (26,230,725 views)
03.) Big Bang feat. 2NE1 – Lollipop (19,613,720 views)
04.) Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (17,718,471 views)
05.) 2NE1 – Fire (14,367,223 views)
06.) SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (13,625,120 views)
07.) 2pm – Again and Again (5,659,205 views)
08.) B2ST – Bad Girl (4,612,693 views)
09.) BoA – Energetic (4,190,275 views)
10.) DBSK – Mirotic (4,043,483 views)

It seems like the Nobody fever has not yet subsided. That’s a big gap to the 2nd place SNSD. I think WOnder Girls’ Nobody will be safe up there for a long time. Though “Gee” is popular all over Asia, “Nobody” is popular all over the world. “Nobody” can be pulled down, but I don’t think “Gee” has anything left to get its view that high considering “Nobody” is still generating interest.




  1. Haha. I kinda foresee that Wonder Girls would be on top. No Kpop song has made an impact as much as “Nobody” did.

    • Yeah, I think Wonder Girls will be up there for quite a while. Nobody is really such a catchy song, it transcends language boundaries.

  2. wg is the best…..

  3. I don’t think youtube is a good indicator, since most MVs other than official ones (which not all kpop artist have) are taken down due to copyrights.

  4. Wonder Girl is Country song girl band, SNSD alway make all the song of act cute, 2NE1 they really best cuz all their song alway exellent, all style, powerful song, strongest song, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Slow, Electronic song and other. Not long time they will make popular on the world especially in America. they worked with Will.i.am, so in 2011 2NE1 going to make big suprising in America. They can kick away of Wonder Girls from America. And Avex Japan making them let duet in Japan. They can to be female TVXQ. And they will off SNSD from Japan!. I love U 2NE1. I’m a big fan of U. I wish 2NE1 come to Cambodia. At there has many fans of U! Don’t forget, Let’s go 2NE1!
    2NE1>Wonder Girls & SNSD. My full name is Kim Hengbomnorng.

  5. ha? T T

    my fave kpop group is BigBang and they’re only ranked #3? why o why.. hehe

    Anyway, the song “Nobody” by Wonder Girls was really simple and catchy.. it had a great hook in its chorus. for a time here in the Philippines, it’s the only song u’d hear in pop radio stations!? But I still prefer BigBang… ^.^ Still, I won’t lose sleep with the WonderGirls topping BigBang on that regard. ^.^ Nice post, btw.

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