10 Most Talented Idol Groups – SHINee, MBLAQ, B2ST and 2pm

October 23, 2010

Here’s the next batch of fancam performances. Judge if you must but again please put your bias aside. We won’t go anywhere if you refuse to see what really is there. Tell me, who did the best?

SHINee – Lucifer


B2ST – Shock

2pm – Without You

Again, these are not the Top 10 Idol Groups. These are just mere fancam performances I put up of groups I’m considering to be in the Top 10. I put them up so you guys can give your opinion.




  1. i guess…2AM should you put in there….they have reaaalllyyy amazing voice, all of them

    • These are not the Top 10 Idols. These are just the groups I’m considering. Nominees if you want to put it. I put them by batch. It would be overwhelming if I put them all in one post. Backread my post, 2AM is one of the groups I’m considering.

  2. Shinee Lucifer!!

  3. I’m a big SHINee fan so I’ll put them aside. Between 2pm-B2ST-MBLAQ, I think MBLAQ did the best. next, I wanna say B2ST because I really like the choreo of SHOCK but B2ST didn’t really deliver. So putting aside SHINee, I think the ranking should be MBLAQ-2pm-B2ST. In that order.

  4. Not really a huge fan of any.

    1. SHINee
    2. MBLAQ
    3. B2ST
    4. 2PM

    I did see SHINee live yesterday at Singapore KPop Night and Jonghyun was missing so can’t really judge that. Taemin can’t really sing that well (he was covering Jonghyun’s parts) so it helps that he had very few lines for Lucifer when the whole group is present.

    MBLAQ are okay. Personally, I think Beast are more talented and this was just one of those days they are actually off. Wonder if anyone has a fancam of Soom though, cause their choreo for that is really daebak.

    2PM… Not impressive. The choreo is kinda weak compared to the other 3 groups and vocally, they aren’t very impressive either so I put them last.

  5. 1. shinee
    2. mblaq
    3. beast
    4. 2pm

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