Manipulated Results gave 2PM wins?

October 24, 2010

As all of you might have heard by now, 2pm have won Music Bank and Inkigayo this week. At first glance, it doesn’t really seem impossible considering 2pm is quite popular. Well, they seem to be still popular, but the numbers I found doesn’t really support it.

Online charts have stated that Gain should have won. Yes there are instances in the past (SHINee, BoA) where a song still wins music shows though they do not dominate the charts online, but that’s because that particular song dominated the album sales (SM Artists). But in the circumstance with Gain and 2PM, it is something to look at. Because even Hanteo declared Gain number one for the week.

Check out the print screens of the online charts I was able to get. Just click on the pic to zoom or copy paste the url of the pic to another tab.

Here’s a recap of the chart.
#2 Gain
#4 2PM
#1 Gain
#2 2PM
#1 Gain
#4 2PM
#1 Gain
#4 2PM
#1 Gain
#5 2PM
#3 2PM
#6 Gain

As you can see, 2pm only ranked higher than Gain in Soribada. All the rest, Gain had the advantage. Even in Hanteo. Hanteo says that Gain sold more this week than 2PM. With these fact, I don’t know how 2pm could have possibly won. I’m not saying they shouldn’t cause maybe next week they might win it and they do deserve it, but this week is supposed to be for Gain.

Honestly, I think there was some manipulation that happened. I have always trusted the tangibles. Things I can see for myself. Things I can prove myself. And right now, everything points to Gain winning this week. Unless there something that I’m missing I would have to say that Gain was cheated. Not that she needed the award, because her song is already proven popular to the public, but still. She deserve to be recognized.

To my readers, please feel free to comment. Am I missing something? Something big that says that 2pm really is this week’s number 1?

Sorry, I forgot about Melon. Melon says Gain is #1 this week while 2pm is #10. That’s all of the main online charts. Melon print screen is included above.




  1. Hey, I completely agree with you! Gain should have won all the music shows for atleast this week. Gain has killed almost all of the online charts last week and her album sales were doing great as well. I don’t get it why 2PM won this week when it should have been Gain.

  2. Didn’t this occur during Without U promotions too?

    And I have to agree Ga-in should’ve won (I felt she deserved it more too).

  3. actually if you don’t know 2pm fans called the KBS to make sure that they don’t hold the huge sales of the album..coz when there is a huge sales they hold the results of the album sales and check it first..and that’s why 2pm won coz of the HUGE album sales..international fans buy directly from Korea they don’t even buy from yesasia coz it’s not counted..so sorry to say this but 2pm deserved their win..every artist deserve to win so be fair..

    • But Hanteo is the biggest album sales chart in Kpop. I’m being fair. I’m just stating the information that do not make sense.

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