10 Most Talented Idol Groups – g.o.d, DBSK, and 2AM

October 26, 2010

Here’s the third batch for my farewell project. Again these are not the final 10. These are just mere vids, for me to see your reaction. Comment if you must. But again, please put your bias aside.

g.o.d.’s 헤어짐보다 아픈 그리움

I know I said only fancams but I’m gonna make an excemption for g.o.d. and the other old school KPOP, because it is so rare to see them live and fancams taken usually are lipsync since it is also rare to see them sing live at the time. And since I’m using music show performance for g.o.d., I think it would only be fair if 2AM and DBSK vids in this section are also music show performance. Doesn’t really matter much since they are not dancing in the vids I took.

2am’s Confession of a Lover

DBSK’s You’re My Melody



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