10 Most Talented Idol Groups – Infinite, Miss A, Sistar and Teen Top

October 27, 2010

Now here are this year’s rookies that have impressed this year. It actually seems like one of them should be regarded better than most groups that are around at the time of their debut.

Infinite’s Intro + Come Back Again

Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl

Sistar’s Push Push

Teen Top’s Clap

Again, please put your bias aside in commenting on these four fancam performance.




  1. i think it’s hard to put biases aside for this one bc the one who caught my attention is MissA! i was interested bc they were from jype and wanted to know what they looked like, and miss a was talented enough to gain me as a fan! i love their debut song! i also like push push from sistar but i don’t like them enough to listen to other songs from them! while i’m a big miss a fan now! so for me best rookie of 2010, because of the song, their talent, their originality and the fact that they didn’t try to win fans with a cute or sexy concept

  2. omg the Infinite fancam you posted was from SG KPop Night. I was actually there so it would be unfair for me to judge =X

    but my ranking is…

    1. Sistar
    2. Infinite
    3. miss A
    4. Teen Top

    Very hard to rank. I think all are talented but if I had to pick one closest to being one of the Top 10 Most Talented Idol Groups, I’d say Sistar have the most talent out of the 4.

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