2AM vs SNSD, the 3rd battle

October 29, 2010

2AM and SNSD both are making their comeback tonight in Music Bank with “Like Crazy” and “Hoot” respectively. Quality-wise, obviously it’s 2AM but since perverted geezers and teenage boys are roaming the album sales and that dance songs are the trend in Korea, I think SNSD will come on top.

Both songs are actually doing quite good on the online charts. It’s actually a rarity for SM artists’ to be doing this well online. Its definitely a close fight online but I think it would be pretty hard for 2AM to win in music shows considering these shows rely heavily on the album sales.

To help you get an idea with what I’m saying, let’s go over to Music Bank. The show determines it’s rankings by the following: Digital score (60%); Viewer preference score (10%); Album Sales (10%); and Broadcasting Score (20%).

I said this before, though album sales are just a mere 10%, it is still the easiest to control. For example, a certain artist sold 100,000 albums in that week, then they’ll receive 10,000 points in Music Bank chart. Also, if the song is listened 100,000 times online, then that certain artist will receive 60,000 points according to the breakdown. Are you seeing where I’m going?

What is the probability that the song is listened to 100,000 times in one week? Close to zero actually. What is the probability of a song sold 100,000 in one week? Close to 50%. Do the math. And remember, SM artists’ fans have been proven to be buying 3-5 albums a week. So in my opinion music shows aren’t really reliable sources of information when you want to know song popularity. If you remember, Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” never won in Inkigayo.

Going back to 2AM and SNSD, as I said, I think SNSD will come on top but I think 2AM will win the prestigious awards. They’re really that good. Well, if the music awards in Korea aren’t rigged. Well, I think they’re not. Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disk are still look upon to by singers.

Last year, SNSD won the Daesang award because they never really have competition but this year 2AM is making a run for their money. They’re both popular but SNSD’s perverted geezer and teenage boy fans are winning them awards on music shows. 2AM silent fans are putting them on top of online charts. Hmm. The end of the year awards shows would really be interesting. Quality versus popularity. Who will win?




  1. Hm… Don’t know why you’re that surprised over SNSD doing that well online, they were always #2 behind 2AM during the earlier months of the year. SNSD and f(x) are the only SM artists that did well digitally this year.

    I think the music scores aren’t exactly fully 60% of digital score or 10% of album score. 2PM sold around 30k but still got about 5-6k points for album sales.

    • I said it was a rarity for SM artist to do well in online charts. I wasn’t saying that I was surprised that SNSD is doing well.

      It’s a full 60% digital score and 10% album score. My Korean friend clarified that to a staff when she went to KBS a few years ago. With regards to what charts they are including? Not sure. For one thing, they include soribada and hanteo. I don’t know what else they include.

  2. well, i’m still bitter with seoul music awards and golden disk for leaving out 2ne1 and gd last year…a matter of fact, snsd’s competition last year was 2ne1, though i concede that snsd might still won the daesang, those 2 awards don’t even give 2ne1 a fair chance of winning…4minute-best rookie against 2ne1?…yup, i’m still bitter as hell…

    • yeah, i agree. I don’t think I’m being bias, but 4minute and t-ara against 2ne1? Talent and success, 2ne1 should have owned rookie of the year. 2ne1 didn’t act like rookies. remember, snsd’s tell me your wish didn’t have that much impact as expected because if 2ne1.

      • my love for you shockedfan has shoot to high heavens with you sharing the same sentiments…2ne1 and snsd are neck-to-neck last year with i don’t care and gee respectively…like i said, snsd might still won the daesang if 2ne1 was given a fair chance, based from the fact that they don’t have competition during that time…at least they could give some to 2ne1, but nada, zilch, zero…argh!!!!

  3. 2AM has been winning most of cyworld’s song of the month awards… i think that shows how much 2AM is loved by the general public rather than just fans.

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