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The Sunmi-Hyerim Dilemma

November 29, 2010

In the first quarter of 2010, Sunmi left Wonder Girls to continue her studies prompting JYP to replace her with Woo Hyerim. Since Hyerim is a JYPE trainee, she already knows JYP’s system. To be honest, I think she was picked because she spoke different languages. And since Wonder Girls are venturing into the foreign market, they have to pick someone that will help their cause. It took Wonder Girls several months to learn English and Mandarin and if they picked someone who doesn’t speak these languages, it’s a big step back for the Wonder Girls. How can one sings in a language that they don’t know?

A problem had arose with Sunmi departure. I tried to give Hyerim a chance but it’s been months already. She should have adjusted by now. I can’t help but wonder if that’s all she can show. She might just had big shoes to fill. If I have to judge Wonder Girls with Sunmi, I rank them as 9. But now with Hyerim, I’ll rank them as 6.

The biggest problem of Hyerim is confidence. Like in their American Tour. When she makes a mistake, she panics making it more obvious that she made a mistake. Again, I bring back the “leg test”. Watch Wonder Girls performances again with Sunmi in it. She had a lot of mistake. If you know Wonder Girls’ routine, you’ll know that she made a mistake but because Sunmi shows this confidence, it’s not obvious. It could be also the fact that Sunmi is a better dancer that Hyerim. Another thing is Hyerim vocals. Sunmi makes her part works because of her husky voice but Hyerim is sweet like Sohee’s. It was a bit uncomfortable listening to her singing Nobody and Irony.

Maybe I’m a bit of a jerk for saying this but I think what’s best for Wonder Girls now is for Sunmi to return and for Hyerim to leave. The chemistry is not really as good as before. In terms of popularity, Sunmi is the least but she does have an integral part for the success of the group that I didn’t see before. Sunmi’s is an ok singer. Not as great as Sunye and Ye Eun but her husky voice was doing wonders to Wonder Girls. This is my suggestion. If Sunmi does decide to come back, put Hyerim in Miss A and give back Sunmi her place in the Wonder Girls.



10 Most Talented Idol Groups: Eliminated – Wonder Girls

November 29, 2010

I’m a big Wonder Girls fan and as I wanna believe that they are one of the ten most talented idol groups, the numbers just do not support that. It’s too bad actually. Just one more. If they could have just beat one more group, but the ten remaining are just performing better than Wonder Girls. I’m a hardcore fan but not a delusional fan. Just have to accept it.

Wonder Girls debut three years ago as the first female group under JYP. They are known to have successfully released three consecutive songs that are considered legendary in the Kpop World, “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and “Nobody”. This blog wouldn’t even be possible if I didn’t saw Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”. It is this song that pulled me into Kpop. The song was catchy and they were so precise in the edges of the routine.

Now going to the ranking, Wonder Girls got this far because of their performance. Of all the girl groups out there, well with the exception of ballad groups, Wonder Girls are the only ones who almost always sings live. It’s a rarity for you to see Wonder Girls lip-sync. And with regards to their dancing, their very good on stage. Almost like Miss A actually.

A few years ago there was this rivalry between Wonder Girls and SNSD. SONEs will always argue that SNSD are better singers and Wonderfuls will argue back that Wonder Girls are better stage performers. To be honest, I think if there was a competition between these two, talent-wise Wonder Girls will win. Well if it is 5 against 9 all the way and not what happened in that year end special where they place both girl groups against each other. There were numerous rounds in that so called “battle” but not all of SNSD were in every rounds. As I said in my SNSD Elimination post, there is just so much that SNSD can do with all 9 of them since the overlap in their talent is very little. But in Wonder Girls, they compliment each other that’s why they make their performances work.

“So Hot” is in my opinion is the best that Wonder Girls have released. Well, to my liking. “Nobody” is indeed their most successful song. It is the most popular Kpop song in the world. What I like about “So Hot” is that it showed how good Wonder Girls are. If I’m gonna call it out, “So Hot” is a very difficult song that of all the girl groups active, only After School can do justice to it. I thought every Kpop artist are as good as Wonder Girls at the time. And then I saw Kara and SNSD, I knew immediately Wonder Girls were better than them. No offense, Kara and SNSD performances are easy. Again, I’m basing it on performances as a whole. All 5 of Kara and all 9 of SNSD. Their routines doesn’t have as much edges as Wonder Girls.

In terms of talent, three are amazing while 2 are just wallflower. They have two great singers and 1 amazing rapper. But as I said, they make it work somehow. They compliment each other. I find it odd that other groups finds it difficult to do the same. If you think about it, 4minute is like Wonder Girls individually. But 4minute just can’t get it together. I think the biggest arsenal of Wonder Girls is their timing and blocking. All 7 Wonder Girls (including HyunA and Sunmi) have this great sense of timing. From Irony to 2DT the blocking is amazing. I think only dancers can truly appreciate this. I recommend watching these performances.

Over the years, Wonder Girls have been criticize for their so called lack of talent. And I think the argument all are directed to Sohee. Sunye and Ye Eun can seriously sing and Yoobin raps so you can’t attack her for not singing. So if their gonna attack talent, go after Sunmi/Hyerim or Sohee. But since Sunmi/Hyerim are in tune, antifans will attack Sohee. The thing with Sohee is, it’s not that she can’t sing but she sings her parts softly that you can almost not hear it. I think she can sing. She is the one in the track singing isn’t she? I don’t know why she does it. Maybe she was asked to sing like that by JYP or maybe she got sick or something. She wasn’t like that in their Irony promotion. But now with Sunmi’s departure, Sohee has to step up since Hyerim is not as dependable as Sunmi. I think Sohee should even be the one singing Sunmi’s part since her voice is much huskier than Hyerim.

f(x) got eliminated in this ranking because they were not as polished as the groups that remained. This time Wonder Girls are eliminated because they are not as explosive as those that remained. This ranking is to determined the Most Talented Idol Group in Korea. And though Wonder Girls are more popular than After School and Infinite. The latter two groups can do more than Wonder Girls. At this high in the ranking, it’s no longer what group is better than what group. Everyone is pretty much even. It is now about who can do more.

With Wonder Girls elimination, we finally have our “10 Most Talented Idol Groups”.

01.) 2AM
02.) 2NE1
03.) 2PM
04.) After School
05.) Big Bang
06.) DBSK
07.) g.o.d
08.) Infinite
09.) MBLAQ
10.) SHINee

I’ll leave you with my favorite performance of Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls – So Hot




2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards

November 28, 2010

The 2010 MAMA just recently concluded and the winners are as follows as stated from

Daesang Awards
Artist of the Year – 2NE1
Album of the Year – 2NE1 “To Anyone”
Song of the Year – miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”
Female Rookie Award – miss A
Best Dance Performance (Male Group) – 2PM “I’ll Be Back”
Best Asia New Artist – iMe
Best Digital Single – Park Bom “You and I”
Best Asian Pop Artist – Perfume
Female Group Award – 2NE1
Male Singer Award – Taeyang
Best Rap Performance – DJ Doc “I’m This Kind of Person”
Best Vocal Performance (Solo) – Gummy “Because You’re A Man”
Best Asia Artist – Zhang Jie
Male Group Award – 2PM
Best Dance Performance (Solo) – Rain “Love Song”
Best Band Performance – Hot Potato “Confession”
Best Dance Performance (Female Group) – 2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
Best International Artist – Far East Movement
The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award – 2PM
Best Music Video – 2NE1 “Can’t Nobody”
Female Singer Award – Gummy

Here’s my verdict. I think the award is a total fail. I’m not gonna be one of those Kpop enthusiast that is pissed because their idols didn’t win. I’m gonna be logical and calm in this article.

First of which, I think there are some awards that were wrongly given. Let’s start with the non-daesang awards. I’m just go over the things that I am fully familiar. The Best Dance Performance by a Group was given to 2PM for their “I’ll Be Back” song. I was really surprised that they were even considered. I’m not saying they suck but their dance can’t really be compared to other nominees. The “I’ll Be Back” routine is easy because it is design to be like that. For fans to follow. But SHINee’s “Lucifer” and MBLAQ’s “Y” is a routine that is design to impressed. I honestly think either SHINee or MBLAQ should have won.

Another award that was wrongly given was the Female Group Award. I think that should have gone to SNSD. I’m not a fan of SNSD but as people in allkpop said, give credit where credit is due. The same goes with the Male Group Award. I’m starting to be seriously annoyed by how much 2PM is overrated. What 2PM achieved this year is nowhere near what 2AM achieved. I don’t know how this happened. The difference between 2PM and 2AM this year is so great that the award being given to 2PM should not be even possible.

Now for the Daesang. I can only comment on the Artist of the Year and Song of the Year since I haven’t really listened to the entire album of the artists that are nominated. I think both AOY and SOY should be given to 2AM. They have done so much this year to get these awards. Makes me wonder what could have happened if 2AM attended the said event. I’m also wondering why they are the only JYP artist that did not attend the award show. First, JYP scheduling the JYP Nation the same day as 2AM’s first concert and now this. One can’t help but wonder.

It seems like those who attended the awards show are those who won the awards with the exception of Rain. A bit of advise to MAMA. People have been doubting the credibility of the awards show since last year. They should have came back this year stronger. Meaning, give awards to those people that deserve the award though they could not attend. A pity really.

Also there were awards that wasn’t announced. Notably, Male Rookie Award and Best Vocal Performance (Group). So maybe there is some truth to the no-show-no-award thing.

Well, one good thing is that Big Bang and Wonder Girls were present. At least some quality performance was shown. Maybe next time, if there is a next time, they should just stayed in Korea so a lot of artists could have attend.

[UPDATED] has released the complete list of winners for this years mama awards. The awards that wasn’t mention above are as follows:

Best Producer of the Year – Psy
Best Music Video Director of the Year – Seo H.S
Best Choreography of the Year – Kim Hwa Young
Best Style of the Year – Yang Seung Ho

A lot of people have been saying the 2AM and C.N.Blue won but I can’t find any source to support that.